McCain's Lock On Nomination Brings In No Money Whatsoever

Now that John McCain is the Republicans' "presumptive nominee," the right wing is flooding his campaign with all sorts of corrupt lobbyist cash. WALNUTS! raised a grand total of $12 million in February -- considerably more than "the average American" earned that month! Now maybe McCain can afford both his prescription drugs and his groceries -- unlike most of America's seniors -- but nothing else.

But how pathetic is that? Even Hillary Clinton made about $35 million in February, and she doesn't even have a shot at winning her nomination. The only way WALNUTS! can remain competitive in this race, it seems, is if "Moneybags" Obama lends him $50 million or so out of goodwill. Since Barack is such a fairy, this likely will happen.

McCain raises $12 million in February [CNN]


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