McCain's Savior: Nader At 6% In New Poll

Just when you think nothing can top the antics of Paultards and Hilltardz, the Naderites of Elections Past are back to show you how it's done. Despite being completely ignored by all media, Ralph Nader gets 6% of the vote in a new CNN poll. WTF?

In a no-longer-hypothetical matchup between the various presumptive or official nominees, here's how it goes:

Barack Obama, 47%

John McCain, 43%

Ralph Nader, 6%

Bob Barr, 2%

The addition of Hillary to the Obama ticket would supposedly give Obama another 3%, but the pollsters say it's silly for voters to guess how they'll feel about Hillary (or anything, really) five months from now.

So, uh, Go Ralph! Let's get McCain elected and finally have our Nuclear Apocalypse. After all, don't we deserve to be terribly burnt to death? Greater cause, etc.?

Poll finds electorate split between Obama, McCain [CNN]


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