McClellan Tries Too Late to Buy the Press' Love

mcclellanbrownies.jpg"I got the recipe from Patrick Kennedy!" "That's really funny, Scott. Tony's not around, is he?" [AP]

McClellan's top secret real "last day" was yesterday, and the AP reports that, yes, he made brownies for the press corps. Clever reference to his entering the pantheon of gloriously unqualified and unprepared Administration appointees or simple good-naturedness? And what did Ari hand out on his last day? Razorblade-laced apples?

The story provides this fascinating glimpse of Scott's next move:

McClellan is expected to spend some time on the speaking circuit, weigh whether to write a book and step in as an informal adviser to his mother, state comptroller Carole Keeton Strayhorn, in her bid to run as an independent to unseat Republican Gov. Rick Perry in Texas.

Translation: We have no fucking idea what he's doing next. Here some plausible stuff we made up. Frankly, we lost interest in him a year ago.

McClellan Spends Last Days Under the Radar [AP via Yahoo]


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