McKinney/Harris: Have You Ever Seen Them In the Same Place At the Same Time?

We are not particularly hard to please, you know. We don't ask for a whole lot. And all we wanted out of last weekend was an intricately choreographed dance routine/rumble with Cynthia McKinney and maybe a group of Rockettes dressed as Blackberrys against a nude Katherine Harris on horseback. IS THAT SO MUCH TO ASK?

Sadly, McKinney canceled her appearance at Harris' campaign headquarters and the film festival didn't turn into an epic slapstick pie fight.

McKinney was diplomatic when asked what she would say to Harris, if she encountered her at the festival dinner.

"I have had several conversations on the House floor with Katherine Harris, and they've all been positive," she said.

Harris, however, who has been highly visible at previous festival dinners, did not attend this year.

Between this and the forthcoming Persian nuclear apocalypse, it's been a pretty lousy Monday.

Stars align for film festival's next-to-last day [HeraldTribune]


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