• A couple of sketchy Connecticut politicians battled by cue cards last night, in hopes of winning an all-expenses-paid six-year vacation with Joe Lieberman. Who were our lucky contestants? There's Attorney "Four Star" General Richard Blumenthal, who previously got in a bit of trouble for claiming to be Vietnam, which is a blatant exaggeration. And then there's Republican Linda McMahon, who in her former CEO life peddled "men in spandex, pretending to kill each other on teevee" to your impressionable, now brain-dead children. They mostly argued about our terrible economy, and Blumenthal even asked McMahon why Stone Cold Steve Austin action figurines are not manufactured in the good ol' USA, to which McMahon obviously replied "because you commie liberals won't let businesses use child slave labor." According to the Internet, Blumenthal is leading by six points and apparently last night there were no gaffes, so maybe this means Blumenthal won by default? That sounds right to us! [TPM]
  • The Tea Party Express will hire as many automated telephone messages as it takes to beat ungrateful loser Lisa Murkowski. [McClatchy DC]

  • Faisal Shahzad, the fellow who attempted to blow up Times Square, will most likely be sentenced sometime today. He'll probably serve a life sentence, but if the judge is grumpy, Faisal might get the chair instead. [CNN]


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