McSlappy Love Cops, Strippers

Thanks for the easy news in the morning, sir.rFrom the way former Congressman John Sweeney can't stay out of the long, masculine arms of the upstate New York law, you'd think he liked police stations as much as he likes: drinking; drinking and driving; slapping his wife around while drinking; getting road head while drunk; and drinking. The other night Sweeney, who lost his license in November after his little drunken road head incident, called a cab to be taken home from a strip club in Clifton Park. That's when things got a little bit messy.

You see, Sweeney hadn't yet gotten his fill of watching scantily clad women dance for his amusement/erection, so the friends he had gone with took the cab, and he asked the cabbie to come back for him. [Ed: Isn't there some sort of guy code about not leaving a man behind?] The cabbie made the round-trip run (easily 30 minutes), told Sweeney he was back and then sat outside, meter running, for another 45 minutes while Sweeney sat, mesmerized by boobies.

When the drive got Sweeney home, the fare was $80, and he refused to pay so the cabbie called the cops. The State Troopers knocked on his door, but Sweeney didn't answer (something tells me McSlappy was, by then, just full blown McPassed-Out-Drunky) and they called his lawyer. Sweeney family paid the fare the next day, tipped the shit out of the driver and the whole thing went away except for the news reports. Oops.

Source: cops called after Sweeney cab ride [WNYT]


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