Mark Meadows Should Apologize To The Obamas' Black Kids. Then Every Other Black Kid In America

Post-Racial America
Mark Meadows Should Apologize To The Obamas' Black Kids. Then Every Other Black Kid In America

"To indicate that I asked someone who is a personal friend of the Trump family, who has worked for him, who has worked for this particular individual … that she's coming in to be a prop, it's racist to suggest that I asked her to come in for that reason," Meadows said.

Excuse the fuck out of me, but, am I seeing Mark Meadows playing the victim card on race and racism? Lately I'm seeing quite a few apologies being demanded from people of color for old white men. Like how Rashida Tlaib apologized to Meadows for telling the truth at the Michael Cohen hearings before Congress, and how Fox News is basically demanding a New Reconstruction where we never believe hate crime victims again, due to the horrible pain they are still suffering from Jussie Smollett allegedly inventing a hate crime attack. This is not a new thing; white man does a racism, dark person calls it out, white man cries, dark person forced to apologize due to archaic rules written by ... old white men.

Let me clear this up right now. NO. It is NOT racist to say Mark Meadows, congressman from North Carolina, asked Lynne Patton to come and be a "prop" in Meadows's quest to "disprove," somehow, that Donald Trump -- who refused to rent to black people so hard the NIXON Justice Department prosecuted him, who called for the death penalty for boys who'd already been cleared, who has said words on camera every day for the past five years that we have all seen with our eyeballs and heard with our ears -- is the racistest old goat whose daddy ever wore a white sheet, because that is exactly what Lynne Patton ended up being when she stood up, silently, to be paraded around like ... a prop.

You know what's racist? Birtherism. Do you remember Birtherism? Let me refresh your memory: Birtherism was a very racist movement that began under Barack Obama as a reaction to having a black president that consisted of middle aged to elderly white people who, if still alive, are fully into Qanon, bless their hearts. Back in 2012, when most people were super busy not appreciating Obama, and ungratefully taking for granted how normal and enjoyable he and his family were, there were groups online with nothing better to do than post dumb shit about how they bet Obama was really born in Kenya. Birtherism seemed like it would never go away; Obama had released his long form birth certificate a full year before. Birtherism was the beginning of the end of people even attempting to not act batshit crazy on race. Birtherism gave us Trump, and Trump gave us birtherism.

Mark Meadows remembers Birtherism, because he's been reminded this week. I bet he wishes he could go back and stop himself from pandering to the dumbest people in America. I bet he wishes he hadn't told that same dumb joke about sending Obama to Kenya or wherever, because ...

So, what's good, Mark Meadows? Seems like just yesterday I was reminding folks who felt sorry for you that you're a racist. And just look at the melodramatic shit you pulled when you got called out. So hysterical. I mean, how dare Tlaib insinuate that you, a man with BLACK nieces and nephews, a man so on wokemode that he still doesn't get why it was racist AF for him to use a black woman as his McDonaldland sidekick, how could she call YOU racist??

"2012 is the time that we're gonna send Mr. Obama home to Kenya, or wherever it is, we're gonna do it!"

Send him back to Kenya? Really? Good grief, Meadows is a child. Oh, but it's not just a campaign whoopsie, high on your own supply of race hatred. It's "we'll investigate," too, because Obama has gotten "arrogant," before that excellent punch line he loved so much.

Let's see what he has to say about his Birtherism today:

Rep. Mark Meadows on 2012 "birther" comments: "It was early on in a primary and certainly didn't indicate any personal malice that I would have toward any president... Anyone who knows me knows that there is not a racial bone in my body."

What is a racial bone?

How is there no malice in the idea of sending Obama "back to Kenya" when Mr. Meadows clearly knew Obama was American?

From RawStory:

"That apology should never have happened," [Mika] Brzezinski said. "I'm personally waiting for the apology by Mark Meadows. I'm waiting for him to say, if I appeared to be racist, I did not mean to be, if I was bone-headed by bringing out a black woman and saying, hey, President Trump is friends with her, I have black friends. If I was bone-headed not knowing that that is the lamest excuse to cover up racism."

No more apologies to old white men who get their feeling hurt when a person of color points out the obvious to them. I cannot believe I'm saying this, but I agree with Mika Brzezinski: Mark Meadows needs to come correct and account for his own disgusting Birther past. He has got his goddamn nerve crying such miserable victim flavored tears over what Tlaib said, when I didn't see him shed one fucking tear over his own racism in the video. Now, Mr. Meadows can say he never believed in Birtherism, but he can never say he didn't use Birtherism as a way to harness the energy of the racist movement against Obama. And where are his tears for Obama's black nieces and nephews? He owes every black child in America a personal apology immediately. then he owes us all his silence.



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