Mean ACLU Won't Let Hospital Refuse Ladyparts Care For Jesus Reasons

probably easier than a lawsuit, honestly

One day, we will make it big and be rolling in money. Haha not from blogging, silly. Dealing drugs, maybe, or trafficking in delicious baby parts. When we do, we are gonna donate so much monies to the good people at the ACLU, which just will not stop suing the living shit out of Catholic hospitals for failing to provide basic reproductive health care to people with lady parts.

On Tuesday, the ACLU of Northern California filed a lawsuit against creepy creepy Dignity Health, a chain of Catholic hospitals based out of San Francisco. Why is the ACLU all up in Catholicism's business this time? Because their hospital in beautiful Redding, California, Mercy Medical Center, won't let a perfectly nice lady get a tubal ligation, because of Jesus.

The woman, Rebecca Chamorro, 33, of Redding, has two children and is due to give birth to her third by cesarean section in late January. She and her husband say they have decided not to have more children, and their doctor has agreed to perform the tubal ligation immediately after delivery, when the operation is most commonly carried out.

Mercy Medical Center, the only hospital with a delivery room in at least a 70-mile radius of where Chamorro lives, sent a letter to her doctor in September saying the operation violated the “ethical and religious directives” that govern Catholic hospitals.

Ah, yes. The "ethical and religious directives that govern Catholic hospitals." Let us provide you with a helpful translation: "We don't care about women even a little bit because we're basically repulsed by their bodies, unless they are shoving out a baby, in which case, cool."

Now, why does this lady need to tie off some of her lady parts while she is birthing her baby? Because that is ideally when it is done, stupid.

Chamorro wants her tubal ligation done in the hospital during her scheduled C-section to save the time, cost and potential trauma of a second surgery. [...] It’s considered more cost-effective to do the procedure after a C-section, when a woman’s abdomen is open and she’s under anesthesia.

Did we mention the part where the next nearest hospital that could provide maternity health services is 70 miles away? Or that one of the doctors in the lawsuit said that Mercy has denied the same procedure for 50 of his patients in the last eight years because Jesus told them to?

A few months ago, the ACLU was able to bully Dignity into allowing a woman to have her tubes tied. Hooray! But likely every lady in Northern California that wants basic reproductive health care can ask the ACLU to file demand letters and lawsuits on their behalf. That is not really an efficient method of getting things done, and since we are not yet stupidly rich and funding the ACLU, likely not a real possibility for the ACLU, workload-wise. So let's say a little prayer to Satan or Cecile Richards or whoever that the ACLU takes this sucker all the way and wins, wins, wins.

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