"Mean Jean" Schmidt: You Can Run, But She Will Catch You

Jean Schmidt (R-OH), our recently crowned champion in Congressional Catfight, is even more formidable than we thought. Several of you pointed out that she's a veteran marathoner. Now we have the proof, from an Ohio reader:

Your final Congressional Catfight reminded me to check the results of the 2006 Cincinnati Flying Pig Marathon. Sure enough, Jean was there.... She probably flew right past me at some point: she ran that sucker in 3 hours and 55 minutes. Which beat my time by about 20 minutes. And I'm probably about 15 years younger than her. I ain't messin' with her.

Anyway, they have photos, too. Go here, choose the 2006 Flying Pig Marathon, and enter bib # 3614.

Wow -- scary stuff. Check out this photo, and look at those biceps and calves. YIKES!


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