Mean Judge Blocks Wingnut Search For All The Gays In Justice Department

Pour out a 40 for the latest rightwing witch hunt, which was burned at the stake by Federal Judge Ellen Segal Huvelle -- she decided against a Judicial Watch lawsuit in a Freedom of Information Act case. All Judicial Watch wanted was information that could identify gays in the Department of Justice so it could prove that the DOJ was full of gays. Where did this out-of-control judge get the idea that federal employees get privacy?

Back in August 2012, the LGBT Law Association sponsored a “Lavender Law Conference & Career Fair” at the DOJ, and archfiend Eric Holder actually addressed LGBT employees in front of God and everyone. This did not sit well with the crusading truth-seekers of Judicial Watch, so they filed a FOIA request that asked for just about every scrap of gay-related paper in the entire DOJ. The FOIA request demanded

full access to a laundry list of documents including Holder’s cell-phone number, his email address, e-mails “discussing the drafting of the Attorney General’s speech” at the conference, “the cell phone numbers of third parties associated with an LGBT organization,” “the cell phone and home numbers and personal e-mail addresses of various employees of the Departments of Justice and Homeland Security,” emails between “Department employees, including personal commentary and discussions among colleagues inferring the sexual orientation of some Department employees who would be involved at the conference.”

When that request was denied, Judicial watch did the only decent thing, which was to declare that there was a huge cover-up of the gay mafia running the DOJ, and sue to get the documents. Because if you can't make inferences about people's sexual orientation, how will you ever let the public know about the gay cabal that did Fast & Furious and probably Benghazi too? Judge Huvelle turned down that request in her decision Monday, saying that it “creates a palpable threat to privacy” of DOJ employees, and adding that since the emails could be used to identify particular DOJ employees, even with their names redacted, the employees' privacy outweighed the “relatively inconsequential (if not non-existent) interests” of Judicial Watch.

When Judicial Watch launched the suit back in August 2013, president Tom Fitton claimed that the emails and other personal information were absolutely necessary for the public to know, because

The Department of Justice is increasingly home to a bevy of leftist activists pursuing narrow ideological agendas at the expense of the public interest. And Justice officials want to keep this all a secret -- as shown by the fact that we had to file a FOIA lawsuit to get basic information about the Attorney General’s collusion with homosexual activists/government employees.

Following Monday's decision, Judicial Watch's website didn't yet appear to have any official reaction, possibly because the organization has moved on to the far more profitable job of complaining that the Obama is covering up the truth about Benghazi.

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