Mean Senator Forces Treasury To Cancel Clown Parties

Mean Senator Forces Treasury To Cancel Clown Parties

Well hats off to Senator Byron Dorgan, who read about the Treasury's proposed"Humor In The Workplace" presentations for Bureau of the Public Debt employees, called the Department to complain, issued a few grandstanding words about Wasting Taxpayers' Money, and got the events canceled. Good for you, asshole. Two 3-hour presentations from a fun clown at $15 an hour. You just saved the American taxpayers a whole $90, aimed at bringing some levity to what must be one of the government's most soul-crushing office environments. You're a hero, Byron Dorgan. And if money's the problem, your Wonkette editors will gladly and patriotically lead these presentations for free. Intern Riley is good at drawing and stuff. [The Hill]


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