Meathead's Campaign Terminated?

Would You Vote For This Man?The Daily Kos reports that Rob Reiner won't be running for governor of California in 2006 against Arnold Schwarzenegger, who Reiner's staff judges "too personally popular to take on." Reiner does plan to run in 2010, apparently.

It is good to see the Democrats trying to find political celebrities to go up against the likes of Arnold, even if they don't really go up against them for fear of losing. But come on. Rob Reiner? He's never killed anyone -- on screen, at least -- and his recent roles include "Izzy Rosenblatt," "Dr. Morris Packman," "Dr. Plosner," "Dr. Marshall Kinsky," (see a theme?) and "Sheldon Flender." This guy is going to be the savior of the Democratic Party? Wake us when it's over. The party, we mean.

Seriously, though: We just hope all the grassroots Reiner supporters don't take this one too hard.

Reiner Will Skip 2006 [Daily Kos]

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