Media covers itself in absence of news at Democratoc Convention

Did anyone notice that the press seemed to spend almost as much time talking about itself as it did talking about the actual Democratic Convention this week? Like the John Kerry biopic that skipped over his service as Lt. Governor to Mike Dukakis and had about 20 seconds on the would-be President's Senate career, the press corps in Boston filled in the gaps about what was really happening in Boston with shallow, self-absorption:

The National Journal writes about how for reporters covering the convention was like going to war. We're wondering if that would qualify them, too, to serve as President.

The Los Angeles Times laments how cable news pushes the most salable morsels, then abandons them when they go stale. Note to Tribune Company: Ratings, or in your case, subscriptions, are how to make money and avoid layoffs!

Paul Krugman says TV was focused on personalities, not policies of know, unlike the Convention itself!

In the WaPo, Tom Shales focuses on how Kerry's speech was timed specifically for television and David Westin defends network's Spartan coverage.

I suppose this is what happens when you put 15,000 reporters at an event, covering one third as many people trying to make a decision that has been a foregone conclusion for months.

Romanesko [Poynter]


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