Media Whores Offline: The Julia Baugher Story

kiss it!The City Paper's Erik Wemple tees off on the Georgetown University student newspaper's saucy sex columnist for -- among other things -- allegedly (allegedly -- it's a word we've heard lawyers use) serving up sloppy seconds of a cheesy "holiday gift guide" that originally appeared on, the Lifetime Women's Network of failed online ventures? Guess that's what happens when you let your mother edit your sex advice column. Whatever happened, Julia Baugher is not writing for the Hoya anymore. She says it's because the fussy Jesuits didn't want her to write about oral sex. They say she's a big ho. No, no: That's what we say. And we mean it as a compliment. Julia, you are welcome to write about blow jobs for us any time.

Hoya Sexa [CP via Swamp City]

UPDATE: One teensy little criticism, dearest: We know you tried to get out of paying for your hotel grapefruit by claiming to be with the Post. We applaud the effort. (We try to get out of paying for things too!) But sweetheart, everyone knows the Post people only get out paying for oatmeal. It's the Times people who don't have to pay for grapefruit

PS: Offer a blow job next time! We haven't paid money for fruit in years!


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