Medical Genius Ivanka Trump Helped Daddy Covid Up America’s Pandemic Response

Last week, Kyle McGowan, a former chief of staff at the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), and his deputy, Amanda Campbell, described for the New York Times the slow-motion tractor trailer pileup they witnessed at the White House during the COVID-19 outbreak.

Donald Trump and his legion of fools ignored science and obstructed the CDC at every turn. You'd almost think they were trying to spread the coronavirus -- some of the outside advisers the administration brought in were aiming for just that -- but then you realize they're also just a bunch of dummies who can't do anything right. And you seethe with rage because more than 300,000 have died -- so far -- as a result of their criminal bungling.

This passage especially stands out as grotesque:

Often, Mr. McGowan and Ms. Campbell mediated between [CDC Director Dr. Robert] Redfield and agency scientists when the White House's guidance requests and dictates would arrive: edits from [White House budget director Russell] Vought and Kellyanne Conway, the former White House adviser, on choirs and communion in faith communities, or suggestions from Ivanka Trump, the president's daughter and aide, on schools.


What the hell does Ivanka Trump know about schools ... or, well, anything? If CDC wanted bad advice related to education, the Trump administration already had Betsy DeVos, who was at least a Senate-confirmed Cabinet member. Please allow us the illusion of democracy when staffing your administration with incompetent partisan hacks.

What mattered most to the Trump administration was a unified message that everything was just swell, and according to McGowan, whenever science contradicted this message of “ignore the problem and it'll go away," which happened consistently, the messaging prevailed.

The Trump administration froze out Dr. Nancy Messonnier, the CDC's director of the National Center for Immunization and Respiratory Diseases, because she dared say publicly, at the end of February, that the coronavirus would change American lives, which it did. Dr. Messonnier wasn't Chicken Little. She was a scientist who was proven right about everything. (She was/is also Rod Rosenstein's sister, which meant she was probably Deep State.)

But Trump preferred the counsel of his idiot daughter and even dumber son-in-law, Jared Kushner, neither of whom are public health experts. However, they shared Trump's larger concern that listening to a nagging CDC could get in the way of his re-election.

"Everyone wants to describe the day that the light switch flipped and the C.D.C. was sidelined. It didn't happen that way," Mr. McGowan said. "It was more of like a hand grasping something, and it slowly closes, closes, closes, closes until you realize that, middle of the summer, it has a complete grasp on everything at the C.D.C."

GOP Senator Tom Cotton stated last week that the Department of Justice should appoint a special counsel to investigate Hunter Biden, who be claims “traded on his name." There's more compelling evidence that Santa Claus is real than there is for Hunter Biden's imaginary crimes, and Republicans have gall of steel to complain about nepotism and kleptocracy while ignoring the Trump crime family.

Ivanka Trump and her haunted Victorian doll husband held powerful, high-level White House “senior adviser" roles, for which they weren't qualified by any reasonable measure. Ivanka's only notable skills are stealing crappy handbag designs (allegedly!) and horrible taste in spouses (not allegedly). Kushner is also dumber than a bag of hair.

If Hunter Biden's last name got him a better job than he would've normally gotten, that's the American way. No one seriously believes Donald Jr. and Eric Trump would have found gainful employment if multiple paternity tests hadn't proved conclusively that they're Trump's legal responsibility.

We've all watched with delight as Joe Biden has revealed his Cabinet picks and not a single one of them has been Hunter Biden. This is why no one should give two and a half fucks about his son. The 46th president isn't going to overrule the CIA and his chief of staff so his useless kid can have high-level security clearance.

Ivanka Trump, with an assist from Maggie Haberman at the Times, helped promote the fiction that she'd serve as a “moderating influence" in his nightmare administration. In reality, Ivanka and Kushner have more often enabled Trump's worst impulses and leveraged their familial relationship to sideswipe White House staffers who, while evil, at least had brains in their heads.

Like her father, Ivanka Trump has rarely considered what was in the best interest of the nation, and now the CDC. estimates almost 400,000 Americans will have died before this trash family is finally removed from the White House. A special counsel should investigate Ivanka and Jared. No one's died because of Hunter Biden's laptop.

[New York Times]

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