Medical Supply Company Tosses All Swabs Made During Trump's Visit. Wonder Why!


When Donald Trump was first running for president, a whole lot was made about how he was a germaphobe who constantly washed his hands and would not shake hands or touch anybody ever. Now, it seems, he's gotten over that. While the COVID-19 pandemic has led the rest of us to be more careful about things like that, it has driven Trump to embrace all of the germs and wantonly spread them around himself. Because machismo, I guess.

He's even refused to wear masks while touring various facilities producing supplies meant to keep us all safe during the pandemic, just to put that fine of a point on it. Yesterday, he toured the Puritan Medical Supply company in Guilford, Maine, and not only did he not wear a mask, he actually took one of the nasal swabs and put it near his nose. Later, he the workers "I shouldn't tell you this, but I use it every other day."

Now, Puritan has announced that they are throwing out all of the nasal swabs they made for testing for COVID-19 while Trump visited. They're not saying why, but we have our guesses, don't we.

This is especially crappy because we actually have a shortage of nasal swabs happening right now, in Maine and elsewhere. Puritan is one of only two companies that even make the swabs, and so really, every swab counts. Having to throw them away so the President can have a photo op kind of sucks! Though on the bright side, at least he didn't have the entire company teargassed in order to do one this time.

We have to wonder — who is he even doing this for? And why? The people who voted for him don't believe that COVID-19 is real, and the rest of us are just annoyed at all those swabs getting thrown out and at him for touring a medical supply company without a mask on. There is literally no audience for this. There is no one out there who is gonna go "Wow! I am a person who believes COVID-19 is a real thing and not just a fake pandemic meant to distract us while Bill Gates gives us the Mark of the Beast or while they process all of the mole children, and I am so happy to see President Donald Trump touring a medical supply facility without a mask on! This is very inspiring!"

I mean, maybe his people like seeing him tour these companies with no mask because it makes them feel like he is busting the balls of all of the people who think COVID-19 is a legitimate threat? Or maybe he thinks they're going "Wow, he's so manly he doesn't even need a mask! His penis is all he needs to keep the viruses at bay! So macho" Is that what's going on here? I don't know.

What I do know is that, really, we could have used those damn swabs.


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Robyn Pennacchia

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