Meet Anthony Weiner's Gay Puerto Rican Republican Doppelganger

Meet Anthony Weiner's Gay Puerto Rican Republican Doppelganger

Gay Republican Anthony Weiner En Español is the latest GOP politician so far this week (give it a few minutes?)caught photographing his butt and putting the pictures on a highly public website available for all to see and investigate. Puerto Rican Senator Roberto Arango, as he is known with his clothes on, uploaded various nude photos of himself to gay cruising app Grindr, including one (NSFW) that is...oh, hm. How do we put this? Did we just give it away? Let's just say, delicately, that he is doing what we will call from now on "the Republican handshake."

Arango told a Puerto Rican reporter who confronted him with the photos that he took the pictures to document his weight loss. A decent answer for having to think on your feet? Whatever, we don't actually know if this guy was a kkkrazy closeted family values troll like Philip Hinkle or not. His main accomplishment seems to be this one time that he wrote an illiterate letter to Congress requesting Puerto Rican statehood and was mocked for bad spelling, which is a far worse crime.  [Perez Hilton]

UPDATE: Arango resigned.


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