Meet Ron Paul's Libertarian Son

THREE GUESSES WHAT RON PAUL'S SON'S NAME IS, PEOPLE. Is it "Atlas" or "Shrugged"? Maybe "Fountainhead"? Or is there some libertarian writer namesake that might include all of these?

Meet RAND Paul, from this hilarious profile:

Rand Paul seemed reluctant at times to talk publicly about life as Ron Paul's child.

Ron Paul, too, rarely delves into his family life in speeches like other candidates, such as Mitt Romney or Barack Obama.

Ron Paul isn't concerned with image; he doesn't have speech writers, Rand Paul said.

Rand Paul showed a similar focus on the message.

Like a wrestler, Rand Paul could man-handle a question about having children and suplex it into an answer about high birth rates among poor people causing persistent poverty. [emphasis ours]

Wrestling? Is Kane writing this article?

For Ron Paul grassroots are Bowling Green [WKU Herald]


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