When you suck as badly as George W. Bush, not even the GOP candidates will mention your name -- unless it's an insult. And yet, poll after poll finds that 30% of Americans who can manage to pick up a ringing telephone say they approve of this miserable presidency. Who are these people? They're the people who write angry messages to the Worst President Ever website, that's who.

Last time we checked up on our nation's most eloquent defenders of the Bush Administration, they were mostly half-naked MySpace losers with homoerotic self-portraits. This time around, we want to highlight the passionate patriotic prose of "Kelsy," here with her letter, piece of shit!!

From: Kelsy

Subject: piece of shit!!

Do you people really have nothing beter to do with ur pathetic time than to critizize our President?...and the republican party!!.WOW!...Are u people really so LOW that u cant even stand back to see that freedom ISN'T FREE!..U dumbasses..God...this shit pisses me off when I see it!.And I know...it is really sad what this world is comming too..All u ignorant bastards beleive everything that u see on TV.and dont really know what GOOD we are actually doing for our country and their's as well.My husband is in the Marine Corps and he was wounded in Iraq..And if u were to ask him..he would go back in a heart beat!..Because he knows the truth of what good is being done over there!!...And beleive it or not the people that wanna be free actually like us over there...and As for the retarted people who dont get more money from the governmaent..umm..heres and Idea..GET A JOB!..like everyone else!!...I was poor as shit growin up...my dad worked 3 Jobs...and my mom worked 2!..And I had my first job by the time I turned 14. My mom is a democrate and my dad is republican...Just so u know my mother was so ashamed of the freaking LIBERALS representing the democrats that after 30 years of being in that party she switched!.MAkes u think.huh?..well just before u go and freakin posting stupid shit up about how Our President is a redneck and the republican party is too..umm...maybe you should think about who else is gonna be reading this..I am a republican and I am NOT a redneck..U Are the peice of shits that have NO pride for ur country and are willing to go on the freaking myspace and express ur opinions..well...I respect the fact that u all have opinions..but seriousley GET SOME CLASS!..Can u people please just for like one conversation not act like complete white trash?...or is that impossible for you?...and how about U go over to Iraq to see whats really going on..then come back to this stupid myspace for retards page and put ur oppinions up...You would probly gain a lot more respect...

Have a Nice DAy!

Hate Mail [Worst President Ever]


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