Meet the New Fleshbot: Now As Wide As Our Border With Mexico

fleshbot%20wide%20screen%20widescreen.jpeg(Or should that be "as long"? Either way, it sounds dirty.)

The smuttiest of all our siblings, Fleshbot [NSFW], just got an oversexed-head-to-fetishized-toe makeover. Fleshbot now displays in a gorgeous new widescreen format. This better utilizes all of the screen real estate, so you won't go blind from looking at all that porn, and allows for the display of enormous, too-huge-to-be-believed pictures.

Eventually this format will make its way to Wonkette. Because you know you want to see every pore on Harriet Miers's face.

(Speaking of which -- poor woman! Harriet, we know we've poked fun at you before, but we sincerely hope you don't get canned. After all that you've been through, they owe it to you to keep you around.)

Fleshbot [NSFW -- don't click through if you're in the office, it will surely trigger your employer's filter, even if this blog hasn't]


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