Meet The Non-Ira Glass This American Life Guy And His New Book

Meet The Non-Ira Glass This American Life Guy And His New Book

America can no longer afford non-fiction, it seems, so there is a huge bump in fiction book tour traffic to Washington this week. Still, watch out, there's something that includes the word "twilight" which is an immediate red flag, and another thing about how America is sad because it can't "dominate other nations" like it used to, in college.

Monday, April 6th: There's a writer of fictions at Politics & Prose tonight. How new! 7 PM. [Politics & Prose]

Tuesday, April 7th: Go hear about an almost certainly jingoist new book that explains our nostalgia for the glory days of America, back when when the US could do whatever it pleased with reckless abandon. 7 PM. [Politics & Prose]

Wednesday, April 8th: Ooh, there's a new generation identified: they're called "Digital Natives" and they might be just the thing to keep people from saying the word "Millennial" as if it has any inherent meaning. Fingers crossed, etc. [Hooks Books Events]

In some countries the Internet is forbidden, a familiar phenomenon known to anyone whose work computer refuses to visit YouTube and possibly this very Wonkette. Go hear all about these social injustices. [Hooks Books Events]

Thursday, April 9th: More fictions at Politics & Prose, and oh god this one has the word "twilight" in the title so expect amorphous masses of tweens. 7 PM. [Politics & Prose]

Famous historian Raymond Arsenault, who has one all sorts of awards for being so accurate, will be talking about his new book, The Sound of Freedom. [Hooks Books Events]

Friday, April 10th: This American Life's Jonathan Goldstein, your "sure thing" when Ira Glass is otherwise engaged, will be talking about his new book, Ladies and Gentleman: The Bible! 7 PM. [Politics & Prose]

Saturday, April 11th: Good news: The World is Fat has everything to do with why America is a nation of deep-fried slobs and nothing to do with Thomas Friedman. 1 PM. [Politics & Prose]

Joseph McCarthy is zeitgesity again, who knew? Communists, because they know everything. 6 PM. [Politics & Prose]


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