romneys.jpgWhich not-gay Romney son is your favorite? Meet them all, after the jump!

* Beardo Ben! He's 29 and lives in Boston -- sorry, ladies, he's married (to a lady). His body type is listed as 0' 0", and he wants children "some day." He's going to med school and his one and only "interest" is his dad, Mitt Romney.

* Crazy Craig! He's got a Strokes song embedded in his wacky-looking MySpace, and he's wearing a backwards baseball cap! Craig lives in New York -- he's 26 and has crazy eyes. He enjoys Longboarding and loves that hipster the music the kids listen to these days. He's a Taurus, he's also married, and he "produces music" for a living.

* Josh (the boring one). He lives in Salt Lake City, he's married, and he works as a Real Estate Developer. He seems to like the Coen Brothers, tho.

* Matt Romney -- he is the same person as Josh, actually? Someone should look into this!

* TAGG!! He's everyone's favorite -- maybe you've seen him and his wind-swept good looks on the Fox News channel? Sure, he's married with kids, but Fletch is one of his favorite movies so you know he's got a wacky side. As for his favorite music, he "loves it all" -- but he's got a soft spot for Billy Joel and Jack Johnson. TAGG is the one who was almost a Democrat, until his dad explained that the Democrats would force him to marry a man, and also his dad planned on running for President some day and didn't intend to end up like Rudy Giuliani with a brood of hateful spawn all conspiring against him, so TAGG better damn do what he's told and stick with the party that pays his rent. Then that charming story ended up in the Times and then Slate made a wacky video about it and then Tagg posted that video to the brothers' weird blog, which drew our attention to the existence of that weird blog. And then we had this poll!


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