Meet The Ukrainian Idiot Laundering Russian Propaganda Into The Senate's Dumbest Republican's Brain!

Today, the Wonkette Counterintelligence Expert Center Of Dick Jokes And Recipe Blogging (WCECDJRB) released its assessment that Russia, not Iran or 'GIIIIIIIINA, is actively attacking the 2020 election to benefit Donald Trump, just like Russia did last time.

Wonkette based this assessment, like we do, on reading the damn news and interpreting it real good-like. Also by reading the statement from William Evanina, director of the National Counterintelligence and Security Center (NCSC), who said the same thing, if you cut through the crap about how China and Iran would like Joe Biden to be president but are actually not currently attacking the election to help him.

Now we want to focus on a particular section of Evanina's statement about Russia's ongoing attack, because it stars a character who should be familiar to us by now.

[P]ro-Russia Ukrainian parliamentarian Andriy Derkach is spreading claims about corruption – including through publicizing leaked phone calls – to undermine former Vice President Biden's candidacy and the Democratic Party. Some Kremlin-linked actors are also seeking to boost President Trump's candidacy on social media and Russian television.

Andriy Derkach! Allow us to refresh you on the last 700 times Andriy Derkach came up on Wonkette:

  • The time Derkach, who literally went to KGB finishing school, was whispering to Rudy Giuliani that Joe Biden and former ambassador Marie Yovanovitch had stolen $5.3 billion in American aid for Ukraine, to give it to (((George Soros))), naturally. Derkach and Roodles the Clown are BFFs now.
  • The time Derkach's Kremlin propaganda bullshit about the Bidens stealing money also, according to Rudy Giuliani, implicated Adam Schiff, because one time Adam Schiff owned a piece of a mutual fund. Or something. It's a total acid trip, it's not supposed to make sense.
  • The time Derkach, who used to be part of Ukraine's pro-Russia Party of Regions that Paul Manafort worked for, was alsosending care packages full of Biden bullshit to Trump Republicans like Devin "A Man A Plan A Cow" Nunes.
  • And of course, Derkach is a prime source for Senate's Dumbest Republican Ron Johnson and his Carmen Sandiego quest to find THE REAL TRUTH about the Bidens in Ukraine, a Senate investigation that is literally advancing Kremlin propaganda for Trump's benefit in this election.

This is a big part of their game this time, on top of whatever other games they're running. To use Republican fucking idiots in Congress to launder their Russian propaganda.

The intelligence community knows Derkach's shit is Russian propaganda. The CIA, as we explained last week, has been telling Ron Johnson and his Homeland Security Committee investigation to get fucked, treating Johnson like the Kremlin puppet dumpstupid he is, because they know his sources are laundering Russian propaganda into his super top secret investigation. Evanina's statement above specifically listed the Derkach campaign as a "for example" of how Russia is attacking the election. Wonder why he picked that example, besides how a lot of people are saying it out loud right now.

The Democratic members of the Gang of Eight requested a defensive briefing from FBI Director Christopher Wray on this ongoing Russian influence operation in Congress, which has been targeting idiots like Johnson and Nunes. The Biden campaign has called out Johnson by name. Hell, the GOP-led Senate Intelligence Committee has looked at allllllllll the Joe Biden/Hunter Biden/Ukraine/Burisma conspiracy theories and found them to be 100 percent bullshit. We are sure we will see their report on that "never," does "never" work for you?

So what is Johnson doing in response? Is he saying he is very sorry and going back to Wisconsin to roll around in a vat of bubbling cheese curds naked and crying about how stupid he is, wondering how he became a Kremlin stooge in record time and destroyed his entire reputation?

No, he is subpoenaing the FBI for Trump-Russia documents, to get the REAL TRUTH about the unmasking and the Obamagate or whatever. And he is doubling down on his Kremlin-inspired Biden/Ukraine investigation in the Senate:

"I felt it was important to provide this explanation of my investigations because of the concerted and coordinated attacks on my efforts that I have interpreted as a 'brush back pitch' to deter my actions and preemptively marginalize my committee's findings," Johnson wrote in an email sent to reporters.

He said he was concerned that the media was preparing to taint his committee's findings as an extension of Russian propaganda.

Because of how it is Russian propaganda, according to no less than Trump's counterintelligence chief William Evanina and sources in the CIA and literally everybody else.

Johnson, for the record, says he didn't even get any of his top secret intel from Andriy Derkach, so make of that what you will. (We make of it that it is almost certainly lies.) He's definitely been getting it from another pro-Russian Ukrainian named Andrii Telizhenko. Maybe Johnson just didn't get anything directly from Derkach, and is lying creatively. Regardless, Derkach says he's totally sent info to Johnson's committee, and also to Chuck Grassley's Senate Finance Committee.

(By the way, If you'd like to swim in the fever swamp of Derkach's brain for a little bit — which appears to be the same fever swamp as Johnson's brain and Giuliani's brain and Trump's brain and Lindsey Graham's brain — Derkach has made an insane flowchart of "DemoCorruption," which shows all the Democrats doing the corruption in Ukraine. It is ... well, it sure is something!)

Johnson has said his super-Kremlin-y report on why Joe Biden is bad should come out sometime in mid-September. You know, just in time for people to start early voting in the election.

Not that he's doing an influence operation for Russia to re-elect Trump or anything. Perish the thought.


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