Meet Your New Commerce Secretary: Bill Richardson


  • This global warming has gotten so bad that ships can now pass through the "Northwest Passage," which didn't even previously exist except on advanced levels of the Oregon Trail. [Matthew Yglesias]
  • Stately, plump Bill Richardson will be Obama's new Commerce Secretary! [Politico]
  • Joe Biden complains to Sarah Palin that no one pays attention to him anymore. It is literally impossible to overstate how much she empathizes with him. [CNN Political Ticker]
  • Nota Bene: Recovering British person Christopher Hitchens prefers the name "Bombay" to "Mumbai." [The Corner]
  • Al Franken has won his latest battle with Minnesota, as more absentee ballots are going to be counted and there's nothing Norm Coleman can do about it. Except counter-sue. [HuffPost]


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