Meghan McCain May Leave 'The View' To Spend More Time Screaming And Crying At Her Family

Meghan McCain May Leave 'The View' To Spend More Time Screaming And Crying At Her Family

The Daily Beast threw a pity party for Meghan McCain and everyone was invited! Lloyd Grove details the tough time Megs McCabe is having as the series villain on "The View," which we used to enjoy before she showed up. The article is a negro spiritual for a terrible person with no soul.

McCain's contribution to "The View" is a smorgasbord of whiny conceit, unwarranted arrogance, and relentless condescension. Her co-workers don't like her that much because they've all met her. But the Daily Beast would have us believe that the unjustly persecuted McCain is considering leaving the show -- because she feels like "a caged animal." (No, not like the actually caged children who have nothing to complain about in comparison to her father, did you know he is John McCain?) Thus McCain might plumb refuse ABC's offer to return for the show's 23rd season. We're supposed to actually miss her crap?

If McCain left "The View," nothing of value would be lost. So, let's get on with it! Sources "close to McCain" claim Megs is "emotionally drained, angry, and isolated." She compares her poor self to "a caged animal," which is unfair because people like animals. She feels burdened with negative publicity just because she is a jerk professionally and not only on "The View." She even sucks on late night TV. She has a diverse portfolio of suckage.

McCain's two seasons on "The View" have reportedly left her "exhausted and defeated." Imagine what it's done to us. It's not like she's sticking around for the "dough-re-mi." She's said to make "something under a million dollars a year," which isn't as impressive as it sounds. Everyone at Wonkette earns something under a million dollars a year. Whoopi however brings home serious bank, and the sister deserves it because she keeps Behar from breaking her foot off in McCain's ass at least once a week.

Megs McCabe would have to annoy us for another 300 years to earn close to what her mother, Cindy McCain, is already worth. That's just hostile. It's one thing to do this if you need to make rent. Megs is torturing us as a hobby. But we should be nice. She's still mourning the loss of her father, who we think was possibly connected to John McCain. He died last year, and McCain has been a raging Megs McCabe for most of her life. The grief pass can only go so far. Batman lost both his parents as a child, and he's more fun to be around. Mortality is something we all have to face. If everyone in the world behaved like Meghan McCain after a loved one died, it would be a nightmare. You couldn't even go to the grocery store: "Ma'am, I think you rang up my milk twice." "DO YOU KNOW WHO MY FATHER IS!?"

According to a "close friend," cohost Sunny Hostin on two separate occasions suggested that a grieving McCain was becoming highly unstable.

"Knowing how close I am to Meghan, she starts talking shit about Meghan to me," this person said, adding that she promptly relayed Hostin's comments to McCain. "She said 'Meghan's not doing well,' and then she shakes her head. And she's, like, feigning concern. 'She doesn't talk to anyone… She can't handle the pressure… She's condescending about her grieving for her father… Meghan's not handling this well.'"

Is the following an example of anyone handling anything well? They'd fire you at Hardee's for this shit.

Hilary Estey McLoughlin, the show's senior executive producer, told the Daily Beast that "[we're] happy to have Meghan" on the show, but you know, man, "these stories don't seem to go away." McLoughin tries gamely to cover for McCain's toxic on-air persona.

MCLOUGHLIN: What happens with Meghan is that because she's so passionate about what she's talking about, and she feels very strongly that she's carrying this mantle for the conservative perspective, and what she wants to talk about is so important to her, I think that's the part that's the most draining for her.

She just wants to be heard! Is that so wrong? McCain likes to call herself the show's "resident conservative," but she's hardly a representative of meth-addled rural America. She's a rich heiress whose father we have reason to suspect was a former senator. Daily Beast editor-at-large Lloyd Grove presents this quote from "a person familiar with McCain's M.O." uncritically:

In contrast to many of her colleagues, who spend weekends in the Hamptons, McCain likes to spend her time off at home in Arizona, "hanging out in the creek and doing Jell-O shots and shooting guns," this person said.

Those effete elite urban cohosts, with their Hollywood friends in the Hamptons! Why, Megs McCabe is just your common, everyday, hundred-millionaire next door, a-whoopin' and a-shootin' and a-gettin' liquored up! Not like uppity rich girls Whoopi and Joy!

This profile is grotesque.

As for McCain's passion for her beleaguered conservatism, co-host Ana Navarro is a Republican and doesn't make us throw up in our mouths whenever she opens hers. Abby Huntsman is also mildly tolerable.

Donald Trump currently has 90 percent approval among Republicans. McCain hates Trump because he keeps dancing on her father's grave. The salty Navarro is adequate representation of the small minority of conservatives who aren't down with Donald. It's also clear that Navarro genuinely opposes Trump's policies and doesn't just dislike him because of a personal grudge. If "The View" feels it's necessary to appeal to the coveted Trump-lover demo, they're better off with funemployed Sarah Huckabee Sanders and Dana Loesch. Yes, we're saying we'd rather see Sanders and Loesch every day instead of Megs McCabe.

McCain used to write a column for the Daily Beast, which might explain this article's intensive reconstructive PR surgery. It promotes the fiction that McCain is a "high-profile supporter" of LGBT causes. Maybe she's attended a fashion show once or hosted a bachelorette party at a gay bar, but she's a goddamn Republican who publicly supports candidates and politicians who don't think LGBT should marry, adopt, or use the bathroom. Also, her husband publishes The Federalist. We wrote a thing about a crazy batshit Federalist anti-LGBT post TODAY. If you "lerve" the gays but hate "strawman socialism" more, you don't really like gays all that much.

Oh, and everything in this paragraph is bullshit:

Like her father, a salty-tongued former Navy pilot who was shot down over Hanoi during the Vietnam War and spent five years as a prisoner under torture, McCain is unusually self-aware, knows she comes on too strong for many people and occasionally offends them (although she is quick to apologize in private for missteps).

It also blames her inability to have productive relationships with her coworkers on her potty mouth, because we are very sure that Joy Behar and Whoopi Goldberg have sensitive virgin ears.

Huntsman said that Megs sometimes asks her, "How are you so patient with me, and how are you still my friend?" This is what narcissists and/or people with Borderline Personality Disorder say after they've totaled your car.

HUNTSMAN: There are moments when she can get worked up, and there are moments when she's the sweetest, most wonderful person in the world… With Meghan, I know how to navigate it. I know not to fire back at certain times, you know, let it breathe for a day and then we'll come back.

It's like managing a relationship with the Queen of Hearts. Who needs this in their lives? Please get this woman off our TV.

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