Meghan McCain Bravely Defends Fellow Malignant Narcissist Sarah Palin

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Meghan McCain Bravely Defends Fellow Malignant Narcissist Sarah Palin

John McCain's secret daughter Meghan McCain has gone on an extended whine tour about her recent departure from "The View." She insists that Whoopi Goldberg and Joy Behar, both of whom still have jobs, were mean and abusive to her, which is how a deluded narcissist would describe her reign of terror on the show. Goldberg is the senior host and moderator, but the Duchess of Arizona was offended that Goldberg would sometimes cut her off mid-tirade when they needed to go to commercial or just spare the country more of her entitled bullshit.

Megs accuses Goldberg and Behar of “toxic, direct and purposeful hostility," co-opting all that “woke" victim rhetoric that conservatives normally deride. McCain is an asshole. This is evident in every episode of "The View" she tainted, and no matter your personal kink, no one likes assholes that won't shut up. It's unsettling.

We weren't interested in devoting further attention to this drama queen, but her interview last night with Sean Hannity was so absurd we thought we'd share. Then we promise NO MORE MEGS unless she's on fire.

McCain whined some more about her former coworkers, who are happier now that she's finally gone. She apparently believes that she was the Beyoncé of "The View" and everyone resented her because how successful she made the series through the sheer power of her obnoxiousness. She contends that she had a sisterhood of traveling fascists at Fox News who helped her, and that is what feminism (?) looks like.

MCCAIN: I know what women supporting women looks like because I had it when I worked at Fox News.

Fox News was a cesspool of sexual harassment during McCain's tenure on the network. She also left shortly after Donald Trump officially squatted at the White House and she's lying if she thinks her “sisters" would've protected her if she'd criticized Trump on air. Trump loathes and frequently attacked Senator John McCain, who is Megs' sole claim to fame.

McCain ludicrously suggested she was the one true Republican co-host in the history of “The View," and her less annoying predecessors were “so-called Republican women who claimed to be Republican but aren't in my opinion." Her opinion is bullshit. The women she's dismissing as fake Scotsmen include Elisabeth Hasselbeck, Candace Cameron Bure, and Nicolle Wallace. The GOP had no platform in 2020 other than devotion to Donald Trump, whom McCain hates, so she's hardly qualified as a Republican gatekeeper.

Hannity asked McCain about her father's 2018 funeral and how his 2008 running mate Sarah Palin was pointedly not on the guest list. (Palin criticized the McCain family for the snub.) However, now Megs is apparently Team Palin. Weird that McCain would suddenly sympathize with the same woman who jumped on the Trump train during the pre-boarding for crazies.

MCCAIN: I have a whole new lens of viewing how Sarah Palin was treated and how the people working for my father's campaign really, in my opinion, treated her horribly and set her up for failure.

Lady, please explain how McCain campaign staffers managed to go back in time and prevent Palin from ever reading a single book in her life.

McCain rambled like a common Palin about how Katie Couric helped make “Ruth Bader Ginsburg look good" but she put Palin in a position to look bad when she mercilessly grilled her like a second grade teacher asking a student questions about their book report.

MCCAIN: Nicolle Wallace was the one who facilitated that interview who now has a show on MSNBC.

That's it. That's her point. Wallace sabotaged Palin by leaving her alone in a room with Katie Couric. The liberal media would reward her with a talk show a decade later.

Then, as Hannity's producers started playing the “get off the stage" music from an award show, McCain shared some final deep thoughts:

MCCAIN: As I've gotten older, I fell in love with a deeply conservative man who runs The Federalist. It's like the old adage: If you're not a liberal when you're young, you don't have a heart. If you're not a conservative when you're old, you don't have a brain. I just hope the culture has some redemption for Sarah Palin in the same way that we have for so many other women right now.

Wow. How will "The View" manage without this talentless hack?

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