Meghan McCain Grills Mother Cindy In Stunning Interview

Meghan McCain Grills Mother Cindy In Stunning Interview

Like many unemployed Americans, "first daughter"Meghan McCain now blogs for The Daily Beast. Tapping deep into her journalistic Rolodex of sources, she was able to score an interview with John McCain's second and current wife, Cindy! Meghan uses the opportunity to ask such pressing questions as, "The one thing I always wished was that people would have gotten to see your sense of humor in different situations. Why do you think that never was able to happen?" Ha ha THE INTERNET.

Oh let's see what the answer to this question is: "Are there any outfits you wish you wouldn't have worn on the trail?" Nevermind, no, let's not... Ah, here's a sweet mother-daughter moment:

Did I ever embarrass you?

No, you did not. I was, and am, still very proud of you.

Come on, I know you were less than thrilled with the profile of me in GQ!

You didn't embarrass me with the GQ article but it was a good lesson for you to learn, and I could have strangled that reporter but I had to let you learn that lesson. I did cringe sometimes when reporters abused your friendship with them. You were genuinely friendly and respectful of them and I was worried they were using you.

Aww, she's protective of her adult daughter who constantly tells things on-the-record to those mean national magazine reporters who are doing their jobs.

The insularity of this conversation spirals at such a pace that by page three, we're reading what we expected: two plutocrats whining about the poors.

What was the worst hotel you ever stayed in?

Ohh my, thats a really tough one. That one in Iowa that had the bathtub in the middle of the room was pretty bad, I have forgotten the name.

Oh yes, that flyover state rubble castle. We know the one. They even let Negroes occupy rooms on the White floors. HARUMPH to this terrible fake world.

Cindy Speaks [The Daily Beast]


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