Meghan McCain Being A Very Rude Bitchface To Whoopi And Joy, Because She Is Rude

Meghan McCain is considered to be a bit of an -- how shall we put this -- "entitled b***hface" by those who are unfortunate enough to have to work with her on a regular basis. She often looks like she stepped out of a nursery rhyme, or maybe some type of horrible "I was abused by boredom so I murdered a guy" feel-good movie on Lifetime. Or possibly even that show "Snapped!" you've never bothered to watch that your Mom thinks you may end up on.

Meghan McCain is also super fucking rude.

First up, someone must have shit on her waffles on Monday, because she came to work with a SLIGHT attitude. Joy Behar made the mistake of crossing the self-nominated moderator by bringing up Trump, who is unaccountably president of the United States, even though Meghan McCain didn't want her to.

Remembering Former President George H.W. Bush | The

From Daily Beast:

"This president that we have now is trying to unravel everything that he did and Obama did, and if I ever become a one-issue voter, it will be about pollution and the greenhouse effect and the fact that—"

I agree completely, and so do many people who give a shit about the earth. Apparently, Behar had gone TOO FAR!!! Or something, we don't know how far she was going to go because Meghan didn't let her finish.

"Can we focus on the president [George HW Bush], please? I don't want to talk about Trump."

Since when did McCain become the HBIC at The View? We had no idea she was doing all the deciding about what other people are allowed to say, but let's be clear, she would be a shitty person to take to a party. Any party. Behar also doesn't think McCain is her boss, so she kept talking.

"Well, I do for a second, so excuse me!" Behar said. "Excuse me a second, please!" When McCain said she was "not interested in your one issue," Behar replied, "I don't care what you're interested in because I'm talking!"

Ooooooooooooh!!! It's getting testy as fuck on daytime TV. Is venom and bile how we're spending our first cup of coffee now? Just to prepare for the day?

"Well I don't care what you're interested in either, Joy!" McCain shot back as Goldberg hastily threw to commercial.

Amazingly enough, McCain was still super pissy with Behar the next day, and also decided to fuck with Whoopi because, why the fuck not? When you feel super salty, you spread that shit around. Maybe she was feeling some kinda way because news had gotten out about how her spat with Behar went down.

It's understandable that both women were on edge Tuesday morning following a report from The Daily Mail claiming that after the show cut to commercial on Monday Behar yelled, "Get this bitch under control" and told producers "If this shit doesn't stop I'm quitting this damn show. I can't take this much more."

Well, she does acts a bit like Maleficent when she doesn't get her way, so, I'm not sure ANYONE can get her ass under control. Except maybe Whoopi, who seems completely unable to be bothered by outbursts of white nonsense.

Earlier in Tuesday's opening segment, Whoopi Goldberg said that people have been "waiting for the smoking…" but then stopped herself before getting to the word "gun." She said, "I don't want to say the word, but here's the smoking flute."

Lol, how cute! A smoking flute! Get it? Like instead of saying gun, just say flute. Ha ha, no. McCain is not having your cutesy ass ways of saying gun without using the word gun! This is a gun loving nation, flutes are for … Flute people in flute nations.

"I don't like living in hypotheticals in life in general," she said. "Like, as a general rule, we're not there yet." She added, "I've been promised many times before, including on this show, that we had it, that we had the smoking gun. And I will still say 'gun' on national television."

My God, get a load of how full of herself she is. She is a masterpiece in self importance. Very clever how she took a stand against the banning of the word gun when NOBODY had even banned it. I'm not even sure why she is on that show or what she is supposed to be contributing to the discussion besides arrogant side-eyes and mopey faces when she gets told off.

Goldberg explained that she didn't use the word "gun" because their guest on Tuesday's show was Rep. Steve Scalise, who was shot by a gunman during a congressional baseball practice last June. "I didn't want anyone to misunderstand the joke," she said. "That's why I didn't do it, just so we're all clear."

McCain then complained that she didn't realize they "weren't allowed" to say the word "gun" anymore. "I don't know what the line is for today," she said, rolling her eyes.

Very thoughtful of Goldberg to think of the gun violence survivor in the studio. Sadly, McCain was only worried about herself, as usual. I'm always reminded of an old movie called "The Bad Seed" when I see McCain have one of her moments. This doesn't mean there is any danger of her kicking a kid off a pier because she enjoys the thrills, but I certainly wouldn't want to work FOR her if this is what working WITH her is like.

[Daily Beast]

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