Meghan McCain Ignored by Hollywood Paparazzi

Meghan McCain Ignored by Hollywood Paparazzi

Oh look, it's John McCain's daughter,Meghan McCain, and a performer from the teevee called Heidi Montag who is George W. Bush's only supporter in America. But why doesn't Meghan have any money? And why was she so terribly humiliated?

The McCain "Blogette" had lunch with the teevee gal in Santa Monica yesterday, because this Heidi Montag is the star of the Tori Spelling hit "Beverly Hills Cop" and she is the actress of the decade who will like a Republican. (The last one was Bo Derek, in the 1970s.)

But then the two blonde gals tried to find their car, but Meghan doesn't have any money and the valet apparently doesn't accept Cindy McCain's triple-platinum five-whore-diamond American Express, so the paparazzi photographers gave them some money.

Pacific Coast News reports:

And yes, the paparazzi were completely oblivious to the fact that they were filming John McCain's daughter, who got her first dose of what it's like to live in L.A.: nobody gives a shit about politics.

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