Meghan McCain Plans To Eat Her Father's Bones When He Dies


Last Meal: Her father's bones.Well, Meghan McCain loves skull rings and Keith Richards loves skull rings -- he kind of did it first -- and Keith Richards supposedly snorted up some of his cremated father's ashes, so of course Meghan McCain is going to actually eat her father's ribs when he dies. This is in a New York Times Magazine feature, y'all, so it is totally journalism!

LAST MEAL: My father’s ribs. If not, I’d go for steak tartare, baked potato, Kraft macaroni and cheese and cookie dough.

Gross and grosser.

But, listen, and I know I am just a temporary tryout Wonkette Jr. blogger, but still: I like the Wonkette comments that are an antidote to the sexism and frat-boy dumbness one sees everywhere else on the Internet. And while I don't have bannination powers just yet, I can certainly forward all the offensive ones to the Boss until he just adds me to comment administration.

We don't like Meghan McCain because she is a multi-millionaire and gets writing jobs for which she is utterly unqualified for, not because of her breast size or her butt, neither of which concerns us at all. When you make her "a victim of the Internet" because she posts pictures of her big boobs, which for most women are considered an asset, then you let her off the hook for being an ultra-rich Republican who is taking writing jobs away from talented non-rich people. Even clicking the NYT link is probably forwarding her "writing career," which exists solely because her dad is a failed presidential candidate from four years ago. Thank you for your co-operation. [New York Times]


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