Meghan McCain Frets Trump Getting Ilhan Omar Killed Will Inconvenience Meghan McCain

Meghan McCain Frets Trump Getting Ilhan Omar Killed Will Inconvenience Meghan McCain

We promised ourselves we wouldn't think about Meghan McCain for a while, but the Duchess of Arizona keeps leaning on our last nerve. Megs McCabe's singular talent and only marketable skill is to make everything about Megs McCabe. Donald Trump has targeted Reps. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, Ilhan Omar, Ayanna Pressley, and Rashida Tlaib for racist abuse. The president headlines hate rallies where drooling racists chant, "Send Her Back!" as if it's the followup to his 2016 chart topper, "Lock Her Up!" And yet, somehow and so predictably, McCain still manages to make herself Trump's true victim.

Monday, after Trump's lost racist weekend, McCain whined on "The View" that it was "humiliating for her to be on TV" now. In fairness to the white supremacist in chief, McCain was humiliating herself on TV long before Trump started squatting in the White House. Here's what Megs McCabe had to say and remember to breath through your mouth while reading:

MCCAIN: For me, as the conservative representative on ["The View"], I was so upset coming back yesterday.

She won't stop carrying that cross -- even though she's one of three self-identified Republican co-hosts. That is literally half the goddamn show.

MCCAIN: I was in D.C. with my husband [jerk publisher of The Federalist] and I came back, like, this is what people think all conservatives are now, and we are not.

Sweet Christ. She thinks this song, movie, and the universe is about her. When the US president vomits racism about the Squad, it's women of color and Muslims who are not just personally demeaned but physically endangered. McCain is constantly afraid of angry mobs coming for her trifling Marie Antoinette ass. Although hate crimes have increased for minorities since Trump's election, there's been no corresponding rise in attacks on no-talent heiresses.

If people think all conservatives are as sucktastic as Trump, it's because conservatives actively support and enable him. Polls show that Republican support for Trump increased five points after his racist attacks on the Squad. He's going to get re-elected over Ilhan Omar's dead body, and the pundits will just claim "socialized medicine" scared off the swing voters in Michigan. McCain expressed her "disappointment" with Lindsey Graham for Lindsey Grahaming, because she still hasn't realized that the senator's a craven opportunist who sees more opportunity with a live racist president than a dead failed presidential candidate.

She referenced her sister, Bridget, who was the subject of disgusting racist innuendo during the 2000 GOP primary. This was back when conservatives tried to rebrand themselves as "compassionate" but they still weren't shit. Seriously, we don't know where McCain gets the idea that conservatives aren't like Trump. It can't be from actually reading her husband's crap publication.

McCain's ego seemed to grow three sizes since Monday. Today, she complained some more about how Donald Trump was making it hard on her, the rich white Christian woman. She's at a table with two black women and she's the one personalizing Trump's attacks on Omar.

MCCAIN: But the problem right now is, you're taking away my agency to criticize [Omar's] policy.

First place, Megs McCabe is appropriating a feminist term and twisting it beyond all meaning. The patriarchy isn't preventing McCain from criticizing Omar. Trump's blatant racism just makes it harder for McCain to pass off her covert racist comments as legitimate criticism. It's like she's pissed that some asshole went too far and drenched Carrie in pig's blood. It took away her "agency" to throw maxipads at her in the shower.

Oh, and the actual "problem" right now is that Trump has expressed more passionate contempt for the supposed anti-Semitic Omar than he ever did for the literal Nazis who marched in Charlottesville. Nazis are somewhat notorious for their anti-Semitic views.

McCain wondered why her fellow millennials Ivanka Trump and Jared Kushner haven't spoken up against Daddy Trump's racism. She apparently has them confused with people who have moral integrity or souls. She also declared that if it were her famous parents all but wearing white hoods, she'd take a bold stand. Whatever, Jan. She'd probably just get drunk on Jell-O shots and shoot at random objects.

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