Meghan McCain Wishes RNC Hadn't Given Hillary That Sexxxy Tongue Bath

Oh No! Megz wants to drink your milkshake!

Every so often yr Wonkette likes to check in with its bestest friend in the whole wide Interwebs, Meghan McCain, because she makes the lovely mouth farts and word salads. Now that the GOP's renegade Hate Machine has declared itself Emperor of White Men, and left the streets of Cleveland red with the blood of Benghazi (and Ted Cruz), Megs has come out of right field to offer some opinions on our brave new world. Oh, Meggles, how we've missed you and your strictly dickly feminine wiles!

While hanging with the gang at Fox News's "Outnumbered" on Thursday morning, the conversation turned toward Hillary Clinton, because the only talking point the GOP has is shamelessly call for the imprisonment and execution of a rival presidential candidate.

Host Harris Faulkner started things off by asking two-time presidential failure, Mike Huckabee, how he felt. Naturally, the Huckster led the hiked-skirt brigade down the primrose path.

HUCKABEE: I thought the attacks on Hillary were the right tone, the right time, and I've heard some of the other networks talk about, oh, it's all about bashing Hillary Clinton. Well, let's just wait and see how sweet they are to Donald Trump next week. Are you kidding me? That's what we do at conventions. We beat the other side up. What are they expecting us to do, say nice, warm cuddly things about Hillary? Of course we're not, we're going to tell the truth about her. That's what we've done.

FAULKNER: One things for sure...when you listen to these, nothing got personal last night. It was against her, it was really taking a look -- and you liked some of the zingers, but, I mean they were all about what has been going on. Nothing personal with her.

Nope, things NEVER got personal at all during the convention. Not when Chris Christie spent half-an-hour leading chants of "lock her up" and "Guilty", accusing Clinton of being a war criminal, an inadvertent child murderer, a tax cheat, or aiding terrorists. It certainly wasn't personal when the RNC shoved a grieving mother on stage who choked back sobs just to regurgitate right-wing horseshit about Benghazi, and the death of her son. Nor was it personal when Trump's own advisor called for Clinton to be "put in front of a firing squad and shot for treason." Nope, nothing personal, just business as usual, folks!

MCCAIN: I loved it. The time that I always love Donald Trump the most is when he's going after Hillary's jugular. I like Chris Christie's speech. I think we were actually a little light on her. Like, am I the only one that's like we can go after her even harder? She should be sitting in jail, and yet anytime someone -- the Benghzai mother that spoke? Pat, I forgot her last name, Smith? Of all the moments that could have resonated with me the most about how intense and important this election is. And, I think we may have in-party fighting, but our nominee isn't a felon, and isn't responsible for people's deaths, you know?

No, Megz, we don't know because yr Wonkette is not an advocate for murder (unless it's with votes)! Megz continued to spew more poo from her mouth hole

MCCAIN: Wait until the DNC next week. They're just going to be -- I mean, I can't even imagine the kind of things that are going to be said about Donald Trump and Republicans next week. I actually think, all things considered, they could have hit'em harder as far as I'm concerned.

Meghan is probably just super butthurt because she's a closeted #NeverTrumpette, and her daddy might lose his job, then be forgotten as the man who started the fire that helped kill the Republican party before Donald Trump pissed all over the ashes.

LOLZ, We'll see you in Philly, Meg!

[Crooks & Liars]

Dominic Gwinn

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