Meghan McCain Probably Voting For Guy Who Was Friends With Her Father Who Was John McCain If You Haven't Heard

Meghan McCain Probably Voting For Guy Who Was Friends With Her Father Who Was John McCain If You Haven't Heard

"The View" co-host Meghan McCain, who's also the daughter of Quincy Jones John McCain, has been less terrible than usual when it comes to the COVID-19 outbreak. Earlier this month, from her American-flag-bedecked, Frankenstein book cover room, she called out the "racial inequality" in health outcomes related to the virus.

MCCAIN: The coronavirus has shown this racial bias is showing up in larger numbers and it's very hard to watch this country let an entire segment of the country get sicker and die faster.

She said she'd originally thought the coronavirus would prove an “equalizer" for Americans. Liberals have argued for, like, ever that most everything health-related in America is not equal. McCain was probably too busy slamming the Affordable Care Act to notice. She used to go full Margaret Thatcher when condemning socialism, but a few weeks in quarantine had her declaring that it was "up to the government" to protect essential workers.

Will Meghan McCain Officially Say She'll Vote for Joe Biden? | WWHL

McCain has even slammed original-recipe conservative "The View" crackpot, Elisabeth Hasselbeck. During a guest appearance on the show just before the world ended, Hasselbeck suggested a combination of Purell and prayer could wash that coronavirus right out of our hair.

HASSELBECK: Pray that God's got us in our tomorrows. We pray that this coronavirus is extinguished, that it's stopped in its tracks.

That was March 11. Did everyone forget to pray and now our hair is all gray? It's not like we had anything else on our calendars once civilization started to shut down. Last week, McCain told Andy Cohen on "Watch What Happens Live" how shocked and disappointed she was that Hasselbeck spread know-nothing Fox News crazy on the show she presumes is all about her.

MCCAIN: I took this virus seriously from the very beginning and thought this rhetoric was really dangerous. I think it's really, really unfortunate and dangerous that she said that. I don't need to co-host with her again. And it's unfortunate because I've been a huge fan for a long time. And anyone who's screwing around with this virus and putting out misinformation, I don't have a lot of time for that right now.

Tweet: Ben Domenech, Meghan McCain's husband and head of The Federalist: Tomorrow is 14 days since Easter, when many believers gathered with family at home and elsewhere with other worshippers across the country, despite local orders. Twitter

(Hasselbeck responded to McCain on Instagram. You can watch if you want.)

McCain is so woke now she's considering voting for Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden, who is usually awake. This stunned Cohen, but I'm not sure why. McCain's politics are more personal than ideological, and Biden is a close personal friend who says nice things about her father, who was John McCain. Biden has locked up the Meghan McCain vote by never regularly insulting the deceased members of her immediate family.

MCCAIN: I love [Biden] dearly. And I keep telling everyone I will promise you will know who I'm voting for but it won't take a rocket scientist to know there is one who has made pain and my life [a] living hell and another man who has literally shepherded me through the grief process. This really shouldn't be rocket science for people.

Political science is probably more relevant here than rocket science, but yeah, it's not a stretch to assume McCain will support Biden over Donald Trump. McCain's husband, Ben Domenech, publisher of the Federalist, suggested that a Biden nomination would prove that the country isn't as culturally and economically progressive as the left desires. So everyone wins! And Megs and Ben will get invited to parties -- if there are ever parties again -- at the Biden White House, which will show how “healed" America is now.

McCain's newfound liberalism doesn't mean she's crazy about Democrats who aren't Joe Biden. She eagerly jumped on the “Nancy Pelosi is out of touch because she eats ice cream" bandwagon.

MCCAIN: It's not the ice cream in her fridge, it's the fact that she's standing behind giant refrigerators, multiple ones that cost $24,000 each.

When it was pointed out that many Republicans, including the president, are rich and might have access to high-end refrigerator technology like a common suburban couple on HGTV's "Love It Or List It," McCain -- a very wealthy heiress herself -- dismissed the argument.

MCCAIN: You're right ... politicians are wealthy, Trump is wealthy, but I think in this specific moment, optics are narratives. I don't make the rules of politics. This is just how it works.

McCain is not an expert on effective political campaigning but she plays one on TV. Her mother, Cindy, has a net worth of $200 million.

Pelosi's is estimated at roughly half that, which is probably because she blows all her money on refrigerators.

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