Megyn Kelly Likes Her National Anthems Like She Likes Her Santa And Her Jesus

Megyn Kelly has an important quote to share with us about the national anthem:

By the way, for all you kids watching at home, the national anthem is just white. [...] The national anthem is what it is. [...] Just because it makes you feel uncomfortable doesn't mean it has to change. You know, I mean, Jesus was a white man too!

Haha, we are just teasing! That is not Megyn Kelly's quote about the national anthem! It is Megyn Kelly's famous quote about how Santa Claus is AND MUST BE white, but with "Santa" replaced with "national anthem." You see how we did that? It was easy because Megyn Kelly says super fucking racist things so often.

But to add to our collection of manufactured white conservative outrage about the Super Bowl, Megyn Kelly is being an ignorant bigot again because there was a performance of "Lift Every Voice and Sing," also known as the Black national anthem. A lot of white people did not know there was a Black national anthem. (It's way prettier than the other one.) Therefore this is a thing for them to pretend to be victimized by, because they're all about their sad white racial grievance politics.

MAGA Republicans Being Weird And Racist About Super Bowl, Don't Faint

And wherever sad white racial grievance politics shows up, there is often Megyn Kelly there, trying to conceal her white hot rage with "too cool for this" sarcasm. This happened on her SiriusXM show, because she doesn't have a real TV show anymore:

“Can I tell you, like, it wasn’t as bad as it’s been in years past, but it was a woke Super Bowl and it was annoying,” Kelly began.
“Why did we need the all female flyover, which they — Fox I mean, even on Fox, they were showing highlights. ‘It’s an all female flyover.’ Oh, okay. All right. Thank you for reminding me that women can be pilots. I didn’t know that,” Kelly said sarcastically.

There was a flyover of all women pilots. This bothered Megyn Kelly.

“And then of course, we had to have the Black National Anthem in addition to the regular national anthem, which is totally divisive. There is no reason to have a Black National Anthem sung before the Super Bowl,” Kelly said.

Kids watching at home, the national anthem is white. Wait, sorry, we're quoting from Kelly's dang Santa monologue again.

“But there’s one national anthem. It unites us all. It’s about love of country. There’s no point in dividing us by race, going into something that is already unifying as a country,” she added.

One nation. Under whiteness. With liberty and justice for ... never mind.

“And then we had a parade of left-wing celebrities all over the ads from Amy Schumer to Ben Affleck, who won’t even act with a Republican. He refuses to act across anybody who’s openly Republican,” Kelly said, likely referencing a 2014 interview with the actor.

If there was a Republican with enough talent to act opposite Schumer or Affleck, somebody who was just brilliant, we are sure allowances could be made.

“All I could think was like, they don’t get it right. Like the people who put together the entertainment, who put together the ads, they’re not even trying to like think about the other half of the country."

The "other half of the country" doesn't contribute anything of value to the country, and also the percentage of Americans who bitch and moan about this shit is nowhere near "half," so let's not flatter ourselves.

Hell, we've seen white conservatives CLINGING onto Chris Stapleton's performance of "The Star-Spangled Banner," hoping against desperate hope that he was one of theirs. Yes, we are talking about Black Lives Matter supporter Chris Stapleton.

"They’re just pandering. They just wanna pander, pander, pander. And it’s fine. The game was great, but it is a slight irritant as you’re watching the game,” Kelly said.

Poor Megyn Kelly. Why can't she just watch football without being slightly irritated? The NFL should be more woke about keeping Megyn Kelly comfortable at all times.

They Are So Fucking Mad About The Black National Anthem.

This is definitely going to be a thing, and they can fuckin' stay mad about it.

Plagiarist Benny Johnson sneered on his YouTube show that the Black national anthem was "repugnant and degenerate" and "should, quite frankly, be illegal." He literally asked, "Is there a white national anthem?" Yes, dear, there are stupid questions.

Ben Shapiro is furious about it. He's mad "people in the media" are calling it the Black national anthem. "Why are you making a big deal — why are you doing it at all?" He shared his racial grievances yesterday, like he does so many days:

SHAPIRO: It turns out we have a national anthem in this country and it's called "The Star-Spangled Banner," and we all share it. And there are bunch of other songs that are not racially motivated or racially divisive or in any way sectarian. Nothing wrong with the song, it's a fine song. The question is, is there a Latino-American National Anthem or a Jewish-American National Anthem or a Polish-American National Anthem that has to be sung before the Super Bowl as well? Or is it only the Black National Anthem that gets sung before the Super Bowl? I'm just wondering — again, the Super Bowl is supposed to be a grand unifying cultural event. Why you have a woke sectarian lead up to the event?

Ben Shapiro could research any of these questions with an open mind, but never will because he's a bad person.

Shapiro's fellow Daily Wire host Michael Knowles suggested that having a Black national anthem is "the libs calling for a race war." But it was so much more than that. Read this tortured crap:

KNOWLES: But if there are two national anthems, that means that there are two nations. Two competing nations. Are they going to be geographically distinct nations? Is what the libs saying here is that Black people need one part of the country and white people need another part of the country? Or is it going to be two nations fighting over the same geographical land? Is it the libs calling for a race war? Those are the only options.

You fucking losers.

It's not new. It's not going away. You don't have a say in this.

And All The Rest!

Surprise, Shapiro was mad about the all-woman flyover and made a bunch of typical white conservative cracks about whether the women pilots were all biologically female. It was very "clever."

SHAPIRO: We don't know. It seems kind of cisgender and cis-normative. If these were all biological females, I would hope that at least one of them was a man who identifies as a female. That seems like the only real way to do this.


Finally, he "joked" about the State Farm Arena in Arizona having a roof because of the heat, saying that "you have, I guess, the glass ceiling there for for the ladies." The Right is starting to get better at comedy, etc.

A bunch of gross anti-abortion troll garbage people tried to twist Rihanna's pregnancy for their own sick anti-abortion troll garbage purposes, even though Rihanna is a well-known supporter of abortion rights and bodily autonomy. So that was predictable.

And speaking of Rihanna, we'll close this post with these thoughts from Black conservative Candace Owens, who just can't put her finger on why her (mostly) white conservative ideological brethren were being so gross about Rihanna's performance, which was entirely unobjectionable to any reasonable person:

In light of everything else in this post, it is indeed a mystery what about Rihanna's performance would bother a conservative.

A mystery indeed.

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