NEWS ALERT: Megyn Kelly Being Asshole Again

Megyn Kelly back when

Insecure white conservatives like to whine that the first lady, Dr. Jill Biden, has a doctorate degree and is therefore allowed to be referred to as "doctor." We don't know why, but it upsets them. We guess they don't understand that when people make jokes about people without stethoscopes not being real doctors, the punchline of those jokes is the person telling them.

There was some no-name dickwit who wrote a screed about it in the Wall Street Journal in 2020. You get three guesses which Fox News evening host has opened the fly of his Dockers so his Little Man Syndrome could peek out and RAAAAAAGE about it. It's kind of a thing. That same host loves using the honorific when it's, say, Trump Nazi ZEE MUSS REFER TO ME AS A DOCTOR! Sebastian Gorka.

But not Jill Biden for some reason. (We'll come back to Gorka in a minute, by the way.)

Megyn Kelly is being a total bag of dicks about Dr. Jill Biden's title, which is "doctor." Why? Who the hell knows.

Why did this clownass get so mad at the suggestion that Santa and Jesus might not be white? She's an asshole. Her professional career appears to be going very poorly, and nobody liked her garbage show on NBC because she wasn't any more believable as a friendly human interest host than she was as a journalist. Did we mention she's an asshole?

There are no words to quantify just how far above Megyn Kelly's measly position in life Dr. Jill Biden is, and what obvious projection this is. As if Jill Biden put the announcer in a headlock before the game and was like "CALL ME DOCTOR!" As if Jill Biden could possibly be bothered to care what Megyn "Failing Downwards" Kelly thinks.

The replies have been fast and they have been hilarious, because everybody hates Megyn Kelly (because she's such a fucking asshole) and loves a lay-up opportunity to tell her.

One common theme has been pointing out how much Kelly calls Sebastian ZEE TRUMP NAZI VILL SEE YOU NOW! Gorka a "doctor."

It's really funny because you know whose doctorate is definitely totally real and legit? That guy's. And you know who actually really truly INSISTS people call them "doctor"? That guy. Wonder if he realizes what a wannabe he looks like insisting on this fake title. Get a real MD or just work on your self-esteem.

But let us not get distracted making fun of Sebastian Gorka in this Megyn Kelly: Christ, What An Asshole blog post.

Back to the subject at hand!

Others on the internet are noting that Kelly is fine with "doctor" when it's for "Dr. Phil," and she's fine with it when it's Dr. King's anti-abortion asshole niece Alveda -- you know, the one member of the King family right-wingers like.

So maybe Megyn Kelly's problem isn't with the title of "doctor" for people who don't even know how to slice off hemorrhoids, but rather is simply that she is a fucking asshole who feels jealous of and/or threatened by people like Dr. Biden.

Did we solve the mystery?

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