Megyn Kelly Still Sucks. This Time About Trump, Coronavirus.

Megyn Kelly is calling the manager on the media's coronavirus coverage. The former Fox News “personality" and the least likable real-life person Charlize Theron played on screen — yes, I'm aware of the movie Monster — can't understand why in a time of global crisis, people are so obsessed with the president's job performance.

Kelly is generally humorless, so even if you pointed it out to her, it's doubtful she'd appreciate the irony of her statement that “I am so sick of [seeing] the news on the coronavirus." Most mammals, which technically excludes Kelly, are “so sick" of either having the coronavirus or worrying about getting the coronavirus or terrified that their at-risk loved ones might die from the coronavirus.

The media isn't a nagging spouse that follows Donald Trump around the house neither can leave and berates him for all his failures. The media is holding Trump accountable for his actions that led to our country not preparing at all for the coronavirus outbreak in the US. If we call out what he is doing wrong (all of it), it is even possible we can stop doing wrong things.

Trump is the president. Kelly should vaguely recall what it's like to blame a president for any foreign or domestic disasters that occur on his watch. After the 2015 terrorist attacks in Paris, she had Carly Fiorina on her Fox show to complain about how “mushy" Obama's response was.

Carly Fiorina blasts President Obama's handling of

Kelly is annoyed with all the stories about what “Trump is calling the damn virus." Republicans seem to think it doesn't matter if Trump calls the coronavirus the “Chinese virus," even though he's the one scratching out the text in his speeches to make sure to add "Chinese." Besides which, the virus is literally here in the US. That's the whole problem. If it was exclusively the “Chinese virus," most Republicans wouldn't care. It's the “Seattle virus" and the “New York virus" and the "Tennessee virus." That's why Broadway theaters are dark and restaurants are shuttered across the country.

Kelly had guests on her Fox show who blasted Obama for what he called the damn terrorism. He didn't say “radical Islam." It was also a major issue that Obama had claimed that ISIS was “contained" a day before the Paris attacks. Trump repeatedly claimed the coronavirus was “contained" up to a few days before we were all sent to our rooms with only takeout or delivery for supper.

Former Islamic extremist sounds off on US handling of

Kelly insists that we not focus on old shit and “focus on what needs to be done right now." We can “play the blame/political game later." There's a few problems here, not the least of which is how stupid Kelly's arguments are. It's quite possible that this global pandemic has revealed just how unfit for office Trump is (apparently, all the crime wasn't enough). Maybe what “needs to be done right now" is to remove Trump and replace him with someone whose core competency isn't tanking the stock market whenever he opens his mouth.

“The blame/political game" isn't an actual “game" like Minecraft but simply holding our elected leaders accountable for their actions that kill us, but Kelly suggests we press pause and just embrace our “wartime president" who conveniently is actively trying to keep his job for another four years. Joe Biden has said that America might survive one Trump term, but if Trump serves a second term, America could be irreparably damaged. He probably underestimated how quickly Trump could fuck us up.

Kelly normally fixates on critical matters, like Santa's ethnicity, but Trump's bungling of the coronavirus crisis, through a lethal combination of incompetence and malignant narcissism, is also important. If real news bothers her so much, Kelly can just unplug and spend the next few weeks perfecting her blackface performance art show.

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Stephen Robinson

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