Meh Cap-And-Trade Whatever


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It's Barack Obama in New Hampshire! Here he is politely acknowledging that the Senate will probably drop cap-and-trade this year. And sorry, "Starbucks coffee enthusiasts," but that sounds like a pretty good idea right now.

It won't help to bring this to the Senate process, draw more expectations about passing it, and obviously let it fail after six more months of wasted time in an election year when they've already chosen to fix the global financial system, make sure more humans can work in exchange for legal tender which can then be exchanged for goods and services, allow a gay person in the military to say "I'm gay" and not be fired from the military, attempt to fix a Supreme Court decision that threatens the future of everything immediately, and perhaps do something with that health care bill they spent one year creating and have passed in both chambers of Congress.

Oh and right, they also want to do immigration reform, because the Mexicans won't vote for them.

Cap-and-trade or an emissions tax seems like one of those things to take up again after filibuster reform. (They also want to reform the filibuster this year.) Just move to higher ground and pile some sandbags around the house, if you're worried. Sorry!



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