Mel Martinez Latest Republican To Give Up


¿quién?Forgotten Florida Republican Senator Mel Martinez announced his retirement today, two years early, and nobody really cares. Martinez is a Cuban alien who somehow got to Florida and became mayor of some town, in Florida, so George Bush Junior made him the HUD secretary, so Martinez caused the housing collapse probably, and then he ran for the Senate and won, we guess, because he's a senator now, but only for two more years.

He also ran the entire Republican Party political operation, briefly, after the 2006 whupping, and failed at that, too.

He is also unpopular, when people think about him at all, and he's a Republican so of course he cannot get any fundraising moneys, because nobody wants to back a loser.

Here is how the people of Florida reacted, on the Miami Herald website:

  • What did this man actually accomplish besides being a Bush loyalist? He was a miserable RNC chair and only proved his incompetence as a Republican Party leader. His legislative effectiveness never rose above below average in the Senate. The best that can be said about his senatorial career is "forgettable."
  • Good riddance.
  • He has been a disappointement. Even letters I have written to his office have had Rove-like irrational messages.
  • Good riddance.
  • Best news of the day.
  • Good riddance.
  • Adios, cucaracha!

Mel Martinez won't seek Senate reelection [Miami Herald]


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