Meme-Famous Anti-Immigrant Lady Arrested For Stealing An Elderly Person's Hotel Points

Meme-Famous Anti-Immigrant Lady Arrested For Stealing An Elderly Person's Hotel Points
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Back in August, Jennifer Harrison of Arizona became part of a viral sensation after her anti-immigration rant at a local town hall caused a mustachioed man in a green shirt to burst into a fit of laughter. Said rant, which was not entirely intelligible, was accessorized with a large sign reading "RESPECT OUR LAWS OR BE DEPORTED!"

Please to recall:

Green shirt

One therefore might assume (or not) that Jennifer Harrison would be a big fan of respecting laws herself. Alas, this appears to not be the case at all, as Harrison was recently arrested for identity theft. More specifically, she was arrested and charged on one count of taking the identity of another, which is a Class 4 felony — a charge, ironically, most often used against undocumented immigrants who get jobs under other people's names and social security numbers.

Was it because she needed to go into hiding after having made a national embarrassment of herself? No, it was not. It is, in fact doubtful that Harrison possesses anywhere near that amount of self-awareness.

Rather, Harrison allegedly "stole an elderly victim's hotel points" in order to attend the Aftershock Festival in Sacramento. To be fair, the festival had an absolutely incredible lineup of bands you had no idea were bands anymore, including Slipknot, Staind, Korn, Blink-182, The Crystal Method, Sum 41 and Stone Temple Pilots, somehow, even though Scott Weiland is dead. Oh, and the Dropkick Murphy's, who will show up at the opening of a can of beer if requested.

Via AZ Central:

When she was arrested and transferred to a Surprise police station, she told officers she was innocent and did not cooperate with police, the court document says.

"Jennifer created a scene at the PD (police department) and in the booking room because she believes she is above the law and does not want to be treated like a criminal," the document says.

Police also said she kicked over a trash can and used profanity, the statement says.

According to the probable cause statement, Harrison used the victim's name, address and club-reward points to make the hotel reservation.

"This was done without (the) knowledge and permission of the victim who is willing to aid in prosecution," the court document says.

According to her Facebook account, Harrison attended the Aftershock Festival in Sacramento, which happened from Oct. 11 to Oct. 13.

In a message to The Arizona Republic via Facebook messenger, Harrison said, "My attorney said no comment but you should wait until the truth comes out before you write a story."

Surprise police station refers to name of the town where she was arrested — not like "Surprise, you are in a police station being arrested for stealing an old person's hotel points!"

Harrison, by the way, is not just a weirdo who randomly shows up to town halls for the purpose of making a fool of herself. She is very organized about making a fool of herself and is the leader of a group of known as the AZ Patriots, a group that was recently ordered by a judge to stop trespassing at several churches that were providing food, shelter and clothing to immigrant asylum-seekers released by ICE. Which, you know, means they're here legally.

I was severely tempted to use the term "Arizona trashbag" somewhere in here, but that would be an insult to Eleanor Shellstrop, who — even at her very worst, was still better than this one. In any case, it is highly unlikely that we have seen the last of Jennifer Harrison, and I certainly look forward to her inevitable upcoming appearance on Tucker Carlson.

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