Men Have To Play Video Games Because Women Won't Do 'Biblical Submission', Says Nice Christian Lady's Friend

Men Have To Play Video Games Because Women Won't Do 'Biblical Submission', Says Nice Christian Lady's Friend

Lori Alexander, Wonkette's favorite Nice Christian Lady, invited a friend this week to contribute to her anti-feminist blog, The Transformed Wife. This friend was a man, because let's be real — women just shouldn't speak or write unless they are speaking or writing about how women shouldn't speak or write!

This friend, Tim Keller, was inspired by one of Alexander's recent posts about women serving in the military (which is bad, of course, because we are supposed to be delicate flowers and battlefields are no place for a lady) to write his own post about how feminism has forced men to "retreat" — to hang out in their parents' basements, rather than fight for our honor in stupid wars. This is very bad, for reasons.

He writes:

Men are designed by the Lord to fight for women, not with them. Most of the time when wives have an argument with their husband, the husband shuts down.

This is a part of how the Lord programmed the male mind to help deescalate the conflict and control his emotions. Invariably, the wife misinterprets his silence as unloving, but the opposite is usually true.

I would interpret his silence as "I won, because of how I am very smart," but I've got a silly ladybrain, what do I know? What I can tell you, though, is that while it would never occur to me to send a missive to a man I don't know requesting to "debate" him, I get such letters from men all the time. That seems like an unusual thing for people who were not designed by the Lord to fight with women to do.

Keller then goes on to explain that Big Bad Feminism has told men they are not needed to go fight in wars for the purpose of protecting women and getting rewarded upon his return with "respect and love from his country and his family." How can we expect this whole thing to play out if women can also enlist in the military, thereby making it less special when men do it?

As we see Feminism take hold in society and culture, we have seen men retreat. The best way to get rid of men is to tell them they are not needed. This has been the constant theme being preached from entertainment to academia. Men are not designed to fight for themselves; only to sacrifice for ideals larger than themselves. This is why men volunteer for military service and in times of war, the enlistment rates increase. This speaks to the base instinct in a man, to protect the vulnerable and to serve the greater good for his fellow man. In return, he hopes to be rewarded with respect and love from his country and his family.

Again, I've got that ladybrain, but it seems like fighting for the sake of fighting is the exact opposite of "the greater good"? Like, what? Are we supposed to have a war with an all-male military so they can go out and fight for our honor and then come home and be rewarded for it? That ... does not actually seem like a very good time for any of us. Isn't there a way around this that does not involve people risking their lives and also very likely ending the lives of "vulnerable" innocent civilians and children? If I were really concerned about protecting vulnerable people, the last thing I'd want to do would be to go fight in a war.

Could these men, who apparently need so desperately to fight for our honor, maybe do something other than fight in a war? Could they not compete in a karate competition of some kind?

peter cetera - glory of love (Video Official)

He continues:

So now that the tentacles of Feminism have been increasingly enveloping the church, we see men, consistent with their nature, retreating from a fight they are unable to win. I have heard the lament from women for years saying, "Where have all the good men gone?" Well, I will share it with you, they are hiding in plain sight.

Oh wow, really? Interesting theory! Is it possible that this is just a thing that literally everyone says when they are having trouble finding someone they like to date, and not even sort of a plea for a big manly war-fightin' man to come and drag us to a cave by our hair?

Of course not!

Yes, too many have opted to retreat to their parents' basement playing video games; to fight and win on the only platform they feel they can win on. Far more are working hard to lead and provide. Those are the hardwired tasks God has placed inside him; most without the adoration and respect they deserve.

So what this guy is saying is that, in order for things to be set right, women need to pretend they can't fight in the military, and then all of the video game guys need to go to war so they can win in real life and not in a video game, and then we give them adoration and respect? That seems a little fragile to me. Also unnecessarily complicated! People, including men, can get adoration and respect just for being nice people who do good things. No one has to go to war for that to happen! They could just, I don't know, pick up an instrument.

Alas, according to Keller, not only has the world at large forsaken men, but the church has as well. Because of those feminist tentacles:

So why have men retreated from church where the Word of God is preached? Why aren't husbands involved more, why? I will tell you. The last bastion of hope and support for his role in the family and in the community was the church, and it has largely betrayed and abandoned Biblical teaching on headship. Most have not even heard the term. The church has gone the way of all the institutions where a man's contribution was respected and cherished.

He goes on to talk about how men used to get to go to church and hear about how they are supposed to be in charge of everything at home, and also get to see older women teaching younger women to serve their husbands and not have jobs or anything. He'd get to see that women are prohibited from leadership positions, just as the apostle Paul wanted. Not anymore!

Well, except in the Catholic Church, where women are still only allowed at the altar to clean it.

Keller is mad about churches failing at the following things, specifically:

Lack of standards in and out of church.
Lack of teaching on Biblical roles for men and women.
Lack of teaching on Biblical submission for wives to their husbands.
Lack of commanding men to take the leadership in their homes and church.
Lack of Biblical hymnody that exalts the power, might, and authority of God Almighty.
Lack of politically incorrect, Biblical worldview preaching.
Lack of fellowship times where people can share their Christian walk with the local body of believers.
Lack of encouragement for young women to seek marriage and family as opposed to career and worldly pursuits.

Well this is just unfair. If churches did their job and regularly churned out young women with no personal ambition for themselves other than to submit to their husbands, that would be a super good time for men like Tim Keller, who like being in charge and having women submit to them and not question them ever. Doesn't everyone deserve an entire religion dedicated to making people be what they want and accept that they are in charge of everything? Where is my entire religion where everyone believes I don't have to wait in line for anything, ever?

How are men to do all of the macho manly things they want if women won't let them?

Men will rise to the challenge when they are needed and see a path for love and respect. Yes, men should be like Christ in that He was abused, betrayed, and crucified, and yet still endured the cross of shame for all of us, even for those that did and would reject him. Great men are all around, but few are great apart from great women. When the women get right with God and stop trying to "do it all" and "climb the ladder," "break down the barriers," and "my body my choice," maybe then we will see men step up in the areas we need them to.

Yes, we need more good men, but when will the women allow them and encourage them to stand? When will the women see their ministry is to their husband first, to their children second, and everything else third? When will the lure of monetary success fade away to family success? When will we see our men as God's gift to our family, church, and community?

Probably never! Clearly, these men will just have to adapt to the world around them — but if they really are super tough and macho war-fightin' guys, surely they can handle a world without Stepford Wife factories.

[Transformed Wife]

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