Men's Genitals the Latest Kenyan Battlefront

The world sucksFor everyone that likes to talk about "stolen" elections in the United States on the like, we would, today, like to kindly direct your attention to Africa where Kenyan President Mwai Kibaki might well have literally stolen that election, an event which has precipitated mass internal migration and tribal violence. The newest front in that violence? Innocent, innocent foreskins.

Kibaki's rival Raila Odinga is of the Luo tribe, which does not practice circumcision, while Kibaki is a Kikuyu, which does. In fact, the Luos are about the only tribe in Kenya in which tribal customs dictate that a man should not be circumcised. So, if you're part of an angry, violent mob out to do violence, what easier way to check and see if someone is a Luo and thus in need of slaughtering/circumcision than to make him drop trou?

Oh, I mean, they're totally raping women, too, but they're cutting skin off of penises! Of babies, even! And, um, you know, killing people and forcing people from their homes and basically segregating the entire country by tribe. But forced circumcisions! Perhaps that can garner some attention!

Yeah, no, I know. Hillary, 8,000 votes, New Hampshire, November elections, whatever. Silly me.

Forced circumcision reported in Kenya [LA Times]


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