Mention Of McCain's Affairs Causes Nuclear Explosion On Fox News


[youtube expand=1]

This is so great. It's from Hannity & Colmes, probably last night but definitely sometime recently, and the panel of guests is saying how John Edwards "getting away" with his affair (really?) reveals a double standard -- because when Republicans get caught fucking something that isn't a wife, it taints the whole party, but with Democrats, it just ruins the individual. In other words, we should not trust liberals because John Edwards banged his fake videographer. Anyway, around 2:50, Alan Colmes for the first time in his life starts crushing everyone.

Who knew Alan Colmes, the eternal in-house bitch of Fox News, had it in him? And what's funnier -- the guy muttering about Bill Clinton for no reason, or Sean Hannity shouting repeatedly, "FIVE AND A HALF YEARS ALAN." This is really what it comes down to this year, isn't it? Any argument that deals with "facts" regarding the two candidates, if it lasts long enough, will ultimately boil down to the McCain supporter screaming about either John McCain's beatings 40 years ago or Bill Clinton getting a blowjob from a fat gal.

Firestorm Erupts Over Comparing McCain Cheating To Edwards [YouTube via Andrew Sullivan]


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