Merry Christmas, Youngs! You Killed God.

Splendid news, everyone! Or terrible news, everyone! You know, depending on your perspective. This story came out in the Christian Post last week, so technically it's old news, but we figured all y'all have probably been playing hooky from your Christian Post reading for ... ever ... so it's new news for you.

Anyway, in honor of Christmas, we regret/are thrilled to inform you that the most common category of religious belief among American youngs is now "nope." Indeed, according to the American Enterprise Institute's new study from its Survey Center on American Life, the most common religious affiliation among those 18-29 in America is "none."

YOU DID IT, KIDS! YOU KILLED GOD! Or at least 34 percent of the youngs, who picked "none."

Released Tuesday, AEI's Survey Center on American Life investigating contemporary religion in the U.S. found that among young adults (age 18 to 29), the most common religious identity today is none. More than one in three (34%) young adults are religiously unaffiliated.


Additionally, most Americans say it's not necessary for a person to believe in God to be moral and have good values. Close to six in 10 (59%) Americans say a belief in God is not a precondition to being moral and having good values, while 41% of the public say a belief in God is essential.

Factcheck those 41 percent who say you have to believe in God to be a good person are idiots.


A majority (54%) of Americans say they have not been asked to participate in a religious service in the past 12 months or have never been asked.

This one is a pretty big deal, actually, and those of you who live in the South are fully aware of why. It seems like down in these parts, maybe in your parts too, people don't ask what you do for a living or where do you summer, they ask where you go to church. And if you do not attend, some people look at you funny. Or at least they used to.

Overall, over a quarter of Americans are now religiously unaffiliated, and those numbers are only going up. There are obviously many reasons for this, but one of them is clearly that white evangelical Christians tend to be fucking dicks. Oh and by the way, this survey finds that "Christians as a whole fell from 78.4 to 70% of the population between 2007 to 2014, with every major group experiencing a decline." Lot of that drop, we are pretty sure, is kids raised around evangelical Christian dicks leaving for college and never darkening the doors of a church again.

Take a look around the survey if you want to, or if you're interested in such things.

As for us, we are going to celebrate Christmas now, like the sorta Christian heathen we are, because while America may not be a Christian nation, and while the youngs from 18 to 29 may have killed God, it is a fact that thanks to Donald Trump, we are now allowed to say "Merry Christmas" without being executed on the spot, because that's how things used to be, we all remember.

So Merry Christmas to you and yours, if you celebrate! And if you don't, then we hope you have a good day on Friday ANYWAY.

The end.

[Christian Post]

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