Metro Section: Adams Morgan and the Hill Really Far Apart

  • "Yes, they're trying to rename the neighborhood just north of Massachusetts Avenue NE 'NoMa.'" We're just as sorry as you. [Cafe 227]

  • Farmer's market in the Department of Transportation's Nassif Building courtyard. [Beyond The Mall]

  • WP restaurant reviews "written by one of two kinds of people: restaurant owners or sociopaths." And by sociopath you mean Tom Sietsema. [Ar-Jew-Tino]

  • Interesting question ("When (if ever) do you tell people that you have a blog?") devolves into Jeff Foxworthy bit: "Let's face it, women don't do a very good job of differentiating between deceitful lies of omission and the more benign white lies that guys sometimes tell just to avoid having long, drawn out conversations." You might be a blogger. [Good at Drinking, Bad at Life]

  • "MC with the Woman who's dog fell out of her SUV." [craigslist]

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