Metro Section: Awash in Tackiness Edition

Rumor has it: Blogger of Why.I.Hate.DC fame has had his Christmas wishes answered! Congratulations, dude. Oh, Seattle, we are so very, very sorry.

Falls Church resident reimagines Christmas as post-Apocalyptic vomit launch: "It's not hard to create an ugly display. All you have to do is get carried away. I look like Christmas regurgitated all over my balcony!" [Washington Post]

Jeremy taught in class today. [WTOP]

Garrett Graff takes out the trash today with a thinly-veiled complaint about the way Washingtonian's Super Bestest With The Mostest Ever Journalist's list has been received. Dude, I'm not saying that the list was safe, but kids who are learning to swim will be using it for waterwings. [FishbowlDC]


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