Metro Section: Bay Area

* Advertise your MySpace page on the Golden Gate Bridge. [Catch Up Lady]

* Finally, the one way in which Oakland is superior to Washington. Well, they're probably better looking too. [why.i.hate.dc ]

* Armani Bianchi bike dramatically stolen via helicopter, blogger suspects it was a high end publicity stunt to advertise the bike, which goes on sale next month. [Freewheeling Spirit]

* Lucy Liu in DC -- last weekend! [Babsied]

* In the event you'd like to become vegetarian before Thursday, "There's this weird little triangly bit at the back end of the chicken, between the place where the legs are bound with that weird elasticy rubber band. I call it 'the nut.' It's delicious, whatever it is." [And I Am Not Lying, For Real]


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