* "It seems to me that if the city is going to legislate a smoking ban and effectively throw us smokers into the street, that the least they could do is pony up and put ashtrays on every busy block." [Good at Drinking, Bad at Life]

* "Only in DC do you see advertisements for military aircraft on public transit ... Boeing's C-27J spartan cargo and tactical transport aircraft." [Life Off Balance]

* Beautiful picture of Columbia Heights. [Night Writer]

* "Giant local employer Fannie Mae expects it will lay off hundreds of workers in the wake of huge federal fines imposed in their accounting scandal. We're sorry, unsuspecting Fannie Mae employees." [DCist]

* "Vince Gill and Amy Grant!? I hate to spoil it for all you fans, but I bet they play 'House of Love' as their encore. I'm not linking to the lyrics to that musical abortion because they are insipid and the song will just end up stuck in your head and I don't want to do that to you. I'm looking out for my readers. If Tony Snow's cancer was a song, it would be 'House of Love.' It eats away at the very core of who you are." [why.i.hate.dc]


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