Metro Section: Cakelove Perestroika Edition

A word of warning: if you live in Fairfax County and are dating a woman with the first name April and the middle name Dawn, you should go to a friend or family member's house, call the police, and hide until they arrive. [Washington Post]

Signs of a dramatic change: For the first time, DCist posts an article on Cakelove that doesn't descend completely into a comment stream idiot-tizzy between self-proclaimed pastry experts and wielders of racial animus. [DCist]

WMATA's Board is giving serious thought to getting rid of CEO Richard White after a year of problems. Of course, White's just about the only WMATA official who actually uses the system--most of the board wouldn't recognize a red line train if it ran them down in the street. [Washington Post]

Ward Three Candidate Sam Brooks launches his campaign's "Idea Blog." Now he needs to change his header picture so that it doesn't look like ideas make his brain all hurty. [Sam Brook's Idea Blog]


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