Metro Section: Cheese Fetish, Turban Fetish, Tired Attempts at Humor Through Misogyny Fetish

* Annual Arlingtonians for a Clean Environment meeting tonight. [The Green Miles]

* Cowgirl Creamery debuts nettle covered "St. Pat's"cheese on Saturday. [Counter Intelligence]

* Only two more DCist Exposed shopping days at the Warehouse. [DCist]

* Is the H&M fashion turban Madonna designed racist? [Chit Chat]

* Awesome sighting in Maryland, "Above All Drywall" [Confessions of a Cartographer]

* Woman dated 34 men off Craigslist and writes about them, Roosh says "We are now living in a society where a very thick girl can judge other men who, unlike her, have the willpower to stop shoveling double-meat cheesesteaks in their mouth." [Roosh V]


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