Metro Section: Cumbuckets!

* Smithsonian Secretary Lawrence M. Small earned $884,733 in 2006. [City Desk]

* In case you are too clean and wealthy and scheduled and lucky to take the Metro, there was a fire at Farragut North today. [Read Express]

* Best karaoke spots in DC. [The DC Concierge]

* "It borders on criminal that no one in District government is making the case that some of this money [$1.4 billion surplus] should be returned to DC taxpayers." [Cut DC Taxes]

* The Washington monument is pretty, after all. [Blue Coyote Laughing]

* Some guys on LNS "see college women as little more than cumbuckets. A warm place to put their dicks. And if they're wearing a low cut shirt at a frat party, it's not like they're going to mind, right?" [why.i.hate.dc]


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